Bluetooth Not Working on iPhone? Fix it now!

Why is my bluetooth not working on my iPhone? The Bluetooth technology of the iPhone is distinct from all the other devices which have been launched in past, the Bluetooth of an iPhone device connects only with another iPhone device.

Why is my Bluetooth not working on my iPhone 5?

Why is my Bluetooth not working on my iPhone 5 ? The Bluetooth options play a vital role in the data transfer but sometimes, it might stop working and especially for the iPhone 5 users. In such a circumstance, these steps can be of help:

Fix iPhone5 Bluetooth

  • Switch on the iPhone, go to “Settings”, find “General”, find “Bluetooth, select “Shown to all” in order to make the phone visible to other devices, “Restart” the mobile and then try to use the Bluetooth option once again.


  • Switch on the iPhone, go to “Settings”, find “General”, find “Bluetooth” and switch it “ON”, the device which needs to be connected to the Bluetooth of the iPhone has to be selected after tapping on the devices after turning the Bluetooth option on. From the “General Settings” option, the Bluetooth settings can be searched and finally can be reset.

It is also possible to reset the iPhone settings if nothing seems useful.

There is also a possibility that there might be an issue with the Bluetooth of the device so it has to be fixed.


The problem can become a lot easier with the warranty as Apple store can assist in fixing the issue.


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