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Do you remember when the iPhone first hit the stores in 2007? We do! Talking, discussing, dissecting and writing about all things Apple since 2007, when our love for great tech broadened from conversations amongst enthusiasts to all you tech crazed people out there. Since then the topics we cover have widened beyond just Apple, because in reality the technologies mix and we want to reflect that in our work. While our focus is still on MacBooks, iPhones and everything else Apple we also talk about the technologies and topics today’s tech consumers might come across. This means software, accessories, new technologies like augmented reality or AI but also tech from other companies like that new Samsung phone that’s on everyones mind.

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Keeping an eye out for worms

We love Apple and the things they create but that doesn’t mean we won’t call them out on their mistakes and report about it here. The new iPhone overheats easily? You’ll know it from us first! There’s a critical security issue in the new Mac OS version? We’ll tell you how to secure your devices and your data and all the tips and tricks! Because we have been in this game for more than ten years, we managed to build up long term relationships with powerful insiders so you can get the latest news here firsthand.

Why Read MacCrunch.com?

Because we love what we do! Everyone at MacCrunch has been an avid tech enthusiast for decades and this reflects in the work we do and the articles and videos you know and love consuming. Our set out goal is to be your first source for everything Apple – everything tech and we can only achieve this through first grade content that our readers and viewers find insightful and helpful to guide them through this crazy tech jungle that is today’s world. 

What we do and how we do it

We want to help you get familiar with cutting edge tech, to build up a strong feeling for your next purchase, to help you learn more about your everyday tech (using Siri, for example) or to give you ideas to create your own cool tech idea. If you just want to read about cool technology in the news, keep reading. We have different & expert articles for you along with short intros to help you get an overview.

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We don’t want to bore you, but we also tried to keep the reading on our website as informative as possible so you can keep on learning and, who knows, you might want to share the article you just read or the one you’re about to read with someone else? Being a platform, we want to give everyone the possibility to share their most interesting Apple related article or to promote their brand on a platform that has a reach of pretty much anyone interested in Apple.

Likewise, if you want your product to be promoted, you can do so via MacCrunch. We have different ways to promote your product, of course the most common video, being uploaded on our YouTube channel or being posted on our News section. But if you are interested in something else, contact us.

The last years, things have become more diverse and cool tech topics like AR and VR belong next to classic Apple related things like MacBooks, iPhones, iPads and OS X.

We are reaching an audience ranging from people looking to buy their first Apple product to tech savvy people who already have an iPad, iPhone and/or a Mac that are looking to expand on their knowledge and use of their Apple product.

Elliot Victor King (The current owner of MacCrunch) has been a longtime Apple enthusiast and a tech PR wiz. He is a veteran of PR, public relations, and marketing and is at the top of his (tech) game. With a Master’s in Journalism from the University of Salt Lake City, Elliot has been a contributor to various magazines and has also worked with many big sponsors.

You love tech and want to share your insights with the world?

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We are constantly looking for fellow tech enthusiasts to join our team and help us spread the word!

You use Apple products in your daily life, are quite handy with all (most) things tech and love to write? 

Send us a message via [email protected] with some info about you, some of your past work and your aspirations and we will get back to you!