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Apps Like Pandora

The best music apps like Pandora

Other music apps like Pandora: A lot of things have changed on how we listen to music in the 21st Century. Traditional FM/AM stations are a thing of the past as people are now using apps to listen to music. New apps are brought into the legal music streaming services such as Pandora every day. However, new kids on the block are consistently trying to outdo Pandora in the music market today. Below is the list of ten apps like Pandora you should check out. Other music apps like pandora: Pandora alternatives Spotify Digital Trends Magazine has rated Spotify as the most consistent app in music streaming for years for iPhone and Android users. This app gives you access to every song you want. The interface is simple and friendly. It provides a sense of community since you can see what your friends are listening to thanks to the integration of third party, Facebook. The app can be downloaded from respective stores and also for your Mac or Windows. You can sign up for a premium subscription to get full access to albums and playlists. Google Play Music This App was formerly known as Songza before Google bought it. The Songza interface and features such as creating personal playlists were maintained even after the change of ownership. You can upload up to 50,000 songs in your cloud service account. The app gives newest songs through its suggestions thus you stay updated. This feature is called The Family Library. Google Play

MacCrunch Reviews the Galaxy Note 7

Samsung Galaxy Note 7: Everything you need to know

Samsung Galaxy Note 7: The Ultimate Review Only recently has the Samsung Galaxy finally surpassed it’s iPhone competitor. Especially with the Note 7, Samsung has really been bringing in the bacon when it comes to providing us with the ultimate smartphone experience. With the birth of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, this might arguably the best smartphone ever…at least for now. This phone definitely has a lot to offer. Do you think you’ll want a piece of the Note 7? Luckily for you, we’re going to be extensively reviewing the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, from inside and out, top to bottom you will literally know everything about this phone and what it has to offer you.   The Hardware Features It’s a bit of a more recent discovery that phone manufacturers realized the fact metal and glass are a great team when creating smartphones. Samsung came through with a modernized look with the S6 thanks to this metal and glass construction. The design of the Note 7 is described to be a combination of the Note 5 and S7 Edge. Glass is on the front, glass is on the back and the metal is in the middle. This is like the most modern sandwich masterpiece of the century if you really think about it. The design is not only pleasing to the eye, but it is such a clean and sleek look for anyone to be holding this phone. The Galaxy Note 7 is the only phone that actually looks like

the Oculus Rift's Price

(Solved) What is the Oculus Rift’s cheapest Price?

When a person is looking to purchase an oculus rift they should be prepared to spend several hundred dollars. The average price for the oculus rift ranges between $200 and $400. The designers are trying to make them as affordable as possible but with all the research and technology that went into development this price still have to be somewhat high. The oculus rift was purchased by Facebook for $2 billion and has been working to make the design of this headset more functional for the past two years. The company is looking to increase the rate to 90 HZ from 75 Hz and reduce the both the size of as well as the weight of this headset. The price will vary based on the features and the ability of the oculus rift. The more features that this headset comes with the more expensive it will be. Facebook’s Buyout The oculus rift was purchased by Facebook for $2 billion and has been working to make the design of this headset more functional for the past two years. The company is looking to increase the rate to 90 HZ from 75 Hz and reduce the both the size of as well as the weight of this headset. The price will vary based on the features and the ability of the oculus rift. The more features that this headset comes with the more expensive it will be. Rift Price Drops Since the prices of the oculus rift has dropped into the low

the dji phantom 4 drone capturing a sunset

DJI Phantom 4 – The Best Drone for Sale?

Introduction about the Drone Offering solid performance and impressive functionalities, the DJI Phantom series is a name that is synonymous with high-quality products. The latest in line is the DJI Phantom 4 that comes with notable upswings as compared to its predecessor the Phantom 3. Since the advent of the first drone to ever hit the consumer market, the typical feature set of some of these things has been improving and is just astounding. More to that is the fact that drones are becoming useful additions, especially where human expertise is insufficient such as construction or perhaps farming. The added benefits is that the DJI comes with a robust and simple to use software interface that makes it a paragon of user-friendly engineering. DJI Phantom 4 Features The DJI Phantom 4 Is regarded as one of the smartest flying cameras to hit the consumer market. This is because it allows users to navigate intelligently with a simple tap and automatically produce flawless tracking shots and fly intelligently over obstacles and so much more. It can also sense and avoid obstacles thereby react appropriately to its environment. Users can fly with a simple tap on the screen and in any given direction since the DJI is designed to avoid obstacles in its path.Furthermore, it also features integrated long-range transmission capabilities that allow the user to see what the camera sees in 720p HD from as far as 3.2 miles. Intelligent Flight Support Systems This unit comes with the dual satellite positioning

apple macbook

Apple Macbook 12 Retina – After the Buzz

Hey, what’s going on, everyone It’s Josh here and today I’ve got a video on the MacBook 12 inch with Retina display. I know this laptop came out earlier this year so this isn’t going to be a full review but instead my experiences after using it for a few weeks. When it was first released I was very excited but it took me a very long time to come to means with the price point, and what it was able to do at that price point, and not just go out and buy one because of its beautiful design, which really attracted me for the longest time. I had the MacBook Air 11 inch for quite a few years as a portable backup computer which I was very happy with. I was just hoping for Apple to come out with a 12 inch MacBook Air with a Retina display. Obviously, the MacBook 12 inch isn’t exactly that and it did come with its share of controversies especially when it came to some of the decisions that Apple made with this laptop. [huge_it_gallery id=”3″] What can the MacBook 12″ be used for? Starting with what I use this laptop for was pretty much for school and for work on the go. With the computer itself weighing in at just two pounds there is literally no excuse not to take this everywhere I went. It is the reason why I’ve never really been an iPad user. This is close enough to the same size

iPhone 7

iPhone 7. Is it worth the upgrade?

Introduction The entire tech world is buzzing about the iPhone 7. People can’t wait to get rid of the iPhone 6 devices that seemed so fresh and new a little while ago and have now quickly become commonplace in the strange world of tech gadgets, where the turnover time is so rapid and so absolute. Naturally, all of this excitement coupled with the general misinformation is going to lead to all sorts of rumors about the new iPhone 7. Some people are exaggerating the features that it is probably going to have. Other people are downplaying them. Rumors often signify a competition between people who are optimistic and people who are pessimistic. It is overall unlikely that the iPhone 7 is going to be the sort of tech gadget that will change the world, but it is certainly going to represent a step up for smartphones in many different ways. The iPhone 7 is sure to be a great device. Design Some people are claiming that the design of the new iPhone 7 is going to be all-metal. Some people have also suggested that there is going to be abezeless display. Essentially, this new design would be different from the design of nearly every single other iPhone that has ever been released. It would mean that Apple was expanding its range. Many people care about their new gadgets looking recognizably different from their older gadgets, which is certainly going to be the case with the new iPhone 7, at

iPhone 6s Gold

iPhone 6s vs. Galaxy S6

I just received my new iPhone and I can not believe how much I truly enjoy it. I am in shock at how much the camera has improved. The resolution on my new iPhone is magnificent! It has a fantastic sleek and simple design. I found that Apple offers additional casing color, including rose gold, which matches the rose gold colorway on the Apple Watch.  Like seriously, who can resist that? I love my tech things to match when its possible and Apple has outdid themselves and made it possible! The Apple Phone has the Force Touch feature, that they also used in the Apple Watch, making fingerprint recognition faster. If you’re not real tech savvy but you are looking for “just the right phone”, I guarantee you this is the phone for you. It is simple to use and easy to learn. If you aren’t real sure of what Force Touch is, it is a feature developed by Apple that senses the level of force exerted to the touchscreen. Force Touch allows the user the ability to tap harder on the screen in order for it to play a Quick Time video faster than an average phone would. And I can’t even begin to tell you how much I swooned over the stronger liquid metal chassis. Beautiful and literally just couldn’t resist this feature. Really, who in their right mind would be able to do such a thing? Being a mother though, a certified life coach, being an assistance

Have a Nice Day Mug

15 Amazing Coffee Cups for your daily caffeine dose

Americans love their coffee and they like to drink it from cups that they get from gas stations and convenience stores. People also like to drink coffee from mugs. As a matter of fact, most coffee drinkers use their own favorite mugs and canisters for consuming this caffeine filled beverage. Keep in mind that most coffee mugs are standard cups for holding a liquid. However, there are some coffee mugs that go overboard with humor and gimmicks. Here are 22 awesome coffee mugs that people can use for drinking America’s number one beverage. 1. The Largest Coffee Mug in the World This over sized coffee mug is designed like a traditional coffee cup with one exception, it can hold up to 160 oz of coffee. That would be equivalent to a gallon and 32oz of coffee in one setting. If person is able to drink this much coffee they would literally have a caffeine kick out of this world. [divider]   2. Self Stirring Mug Many coffee drinkers like to add various condiments to their drink. Sugar,milk and creamer are among their favorites. When a person adds these ingredients to their drink they will have to stir them in to get a proper blend. Sometimes, people just do not want the hassle of doing this. So, they can purchase a self stirring mug and press a button that will stir it for them. This nifty unit saves time and wrist strain for coffee drinkers. [divider] 3. Toilet Mug Has your

Samsung 850 EVO 250GB

The best SSD for your iMac – Replacing your old HDD

Lots of people are in the market for a good solid state drive, or SSD. An SSD is an efficient new way of storing data and computer files today. This is a device that is going to store information on flash memory chips that form a series. It lacks the mechanical parts of a hard disk drive, and doesn’t work by reading and writing the data involved. It works in a faster and more efficient manner. Unlike the memory storage devices of the past, SSD’s lack moving parts, which is automatically going to help them last longer than many of their competitors. SSD’s are not going to accumulate heat in the manner of hard disk drives, which is going to make them and the data that they are storing less vulnerable. SSD’s tend to be more resistant to both vibration and shocks, which should also help SSD’s last a lot longer than the hard disk drives that they will usually replace. People are going to use these external memory storage devices in order to hold onto some of the most important files that they have, and they are going to tend to store these files for very long periods of time. As such, the durability of the storage devices is even more important than it would be otherwise. Some electronics are largely viewed as disposable. This is not the case for external storage devices, which should be built to last. Fuel efficiency is everything today. People are trying to save

LG V10 Review

LG V10 Review by an Apple User

The features of the LG G4 and those of LG V10 are almost the same but the difference comes in the structure. The LG V10 is definitely larger, has a rugged look and it is more powerful. I noticed that LG is trying to come up with interesting ideas that are different from the rest. For the LG G Flex 2, it went all out as Samsung and Apple remain grounded. This I confirmed with the Android Lollipop 5.1.1. Design The LG V10 lasts longer than other phones due to its unique features. The back is made of silicone and stainless steel. It feels rough due to the bumps it has on the back which are made of rubber. This is very different compared to the LG G4 whose back is really smooth and made of black shiny leather. In case it drops or falls to the floor, it does not crash or break like the other phones do. It is built to survive in the worst of places even in the military. It has a double paned gorilla glass 4 that gives it more protection around the screen area. Its dimensions are 159.6 × 79.3 ×8.6 mm and weighs approximately 192g. It is not the same and doesn’t have a curve like the LG’s flagship. The difference between the LG G4 and this phone is that the LG G4 is thicker and curved. This phone is bigger and it compares to the iPhone 6S Plus and the Samsung Galaxy