5 Reasons To Use Your Phone Less (& Be Happier)

Smartphones offer more than just a way to call up friends and family. They’re also, it turns out, pretty darn good for helping us overcome fear. At times, it feels like an addiction, but that’s not quite right. So I started calling it an obsession. Which is pretty close.

How to Change Your Facebook Password

There have been many cases of Facebook being hacked over the years and for this reason, you should consider changing your Facebook password every three months. When your Facebook account is hacked, the hacker can access data including private pictures, potential financial information, contact details, personal messages, personal information, information about your friends and family …

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How to Set Up an Amazon Alexa Calling Service

If you have an Amazon Echo or another Alexa capable device you might have heard of ‘Alexa Calling’. Amazon’s ‘Alexa Calling’ service is useful for making calls to your Alexa-to-Alexa contacts, and most mobile and landline numbers (in the U.S., U.K., Canada, and Mexico) at no additional cost. Before setting up your Amazon Alexa Calling …

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