The best CMD Hacking Commands for Beginners and Advanced Users

Looking for the best CMD hacker commands? Windows is the most reliable graphical user interface founded operating system. It is easy and fast to install any software according to your wants in a windows grounded computer. One of the most potent tools in windows PC is command prompt. A user can almost perform any task with the CMD. In DOS operating system, it is also easy to undertake any task with command prompt. DOS was the premier command founded operating system that Microsoft introduced into the market. It was entirely command-founded operating system. In the following article, we will

How to make fake Facebook Messages

How to make fake Facebook Messages with the Fake Messenger app? Everyone loves to prank a friend to make them look like a chump. People pranks their best friends regularly. It is a great way to show them loyalty, and that you are always thinking about their lives. However, some friends are not used to pranks, and they get pissed off by you after fooling them. It is possible to use Facebook Messenger on Android phones to make a fool out of a friend. There are numerous applications on Google Play Store you can download to chump your friends with

Airprint not working? How to fix the ‘No AirPrint Printers Found’ Issues

No airprint printers found? There have been many reports from reads that they cannot print using the Airprint enabled printer. When they are trying to print a message is coming up saying that no airprinter could be found. This is common and seems to be happening often. How to fix the Airprint Feature on iPads and iPhones No airprint printers found? The first thing you need to do is check the printer and make sure they support Airprint. Make sure the router is in the correct port. Make sure the computer and printer are using the same wireless network. Change

How to fix iMessage not syncing Across All Devices

Sync iphone and ipad messages: When a user sends or receives a text message on the iPhone, it should also show on the Mac, watch, or any other Apple gadget. However, on some occasions, Apple Watches, iPhones, and other iDevices fails to sync messages. One is faced with difficulties of synchronizing messages across the Apple Devices. There are however ways that one can employ to fix these issues of iMessage not synchronizing through all gadgets, that is, iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. In a typical scenario, the iMessage must sync between all the gadgets that utilize the same Apple ID,

iPhone won’t charge or turn on? Fix it now!

iPhone will not turn on or charge? Trouble shooting for Apple Device Users Who Are Experiencing Issues in Powering Off Unfortunately, it isn’t uncommon for us to hear complaints about devices not powering on. This complaint is especially common in 4S, 5, and even some 6 models. Some users have even tried resolving this issue by leaving the phoneon charge overnight. Unfortunately, this won’t resolve the problem and these users are left needing help. Never fear, we are here to help. iPhone will not turn on or charge? Fix it now! Firstly, let’s look at the symptoms. The Symptoms: won’t

iPhone will not stay connected to Wi-Fi? Fix it now!

iPhone will not stay connected to wifi? If iPhone doesn’t stay connected to the Wifi, or if the connection time is very limited, or if there are any sort of the Wifi connectivity issues, then the following steps can be of help: iPhone will not stay connected to Wifi? Fix it now! Go to “Settings”, find “Wifi”, then switch it off and turn back on. This probably might resolve the issue. If the above step doesn’t help then the iOS device can be restarted. If still, the issue remains still, go to “Settings,” find “General,” select “Reset,” and then finally

How to Clone Phones? Step by Step guide

Mobile phone cloning – Mobile phone cloning is the modus operandi or technique that enables the reassigning of secured data from one cell phone to another. In simpler terms, the other phone becomes a copy of the original. All phone come equipped with an IMEI or International Mobile Equipment Identity number. To check if the cell phone you have is an original you must scan the IMEI. The IMEI number can be found by typing #06 on an android phone or looking at the bottom on the back of an iPhone. Once this is completed you can visit either the

How to fix iPhone and iPad Failure to Sync Notes to iCloud

  Sync notes iPhone to iPad  – Most iPhone users have indicated that they were at one point unable to sync notes from an iPhone to an iPad. The issue occurred even after turning the iCloud settings ON. Some users noted that the Apple’s sync process caused them to have duplicate notes. How to fix iPhone and iPad Failure to Sync Notes to iCloud – sync notes iphone to ipad ICloud can be fussy at times especially when a user wants to sync the notes. It is sometimes essential to try troubleshooting the problem by yourself. There are numerous things

iPhone Back Camera is not working? Fix it now!

Problem with iphone camera? Sometimes a person wants to take the most memorable pictures as he or she might be viewing a beautiful sunset. Problem with iPhone camera? Fix it now! They open up their camera on the iPhone 6s and the camera refuses to work at all.There could be two possible reasons due to which the Apple iPhone 6s back camera might not be working: One is the software glitch There might be an issue with the hardware There is also a possibility of seeing white lines or the camera might stop functioning at all. If the issue in