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Apple now preventing third-party Repairs for MacBooks with T2 Chip

According to a recent confirmation by Apple, the Company’s latest security chip T2 will hinder repairs by third parties to some extent. When answering a question from The Verge, Apple confirmed that third parties would not repair some parts of its new MacBooks such as the logic board and touch ID components. As a result, any of the new MacBook users will have to visit an authorized Apple service provider to repair any of the named parts. However, the company did not clarify if the same is true for the T2 chips of the iMac Pro released last year. The rumors that Apple was going to block third parties from repairing some of its MacBooks parts first came to light last month when a confidential document was found by Motherboard and MacRumors. From the record, it suggested that only authorized Apple service providers will have a unique software that will determine whether some parts of a given MacBook are original. It was later revealed by iFixit CEO Kyle Wiens that the MacBook T2 Chip is the one being held by Apple. The main aim of the chip is to make sure that only authorized personnel can perform critical repairs and gain more control over who accesses the parts. It is thought the move is to have more market shares and shun off independent repair service providers. On the other hand, the movement might be one that ensures Apple’s authorized network remains in line. It is tough to figure out


Your old Apple TV is OBSOLETE!

With the Apple TV 4G offering of 32 or 64 GB storage and a Siri Remote, the 2nd Generation Apple TV is officially considered obsolete just about everywhere except California and the country of Turkey. Service providers anywhere else are unable to order replacement parts and all hardware service has been discontinued with no exceptions. There is, generally speaking, a 7 year period from the time of being discontinued until the time it is considered obsolete by Apple. Having just been discontinued in March of 2012, this 2nd Generation Apple TV could still be listed as “vintage” for two more years, but Apple does have the right to discontinue support for products considered to be obsolete at any point in time. The 2nd Generation Apple TV with A4 processor was introduced in September 2010. It came with a modified iOS 4 platform, and also removed it internal storage to suit streaming video needs. The 3rd Generation Apple TV replaced this in March 2012, and has an A5 processor, while doubling the memory and adding 1080p HD output. After a minor change to the 3rd Generation unit in January 2013, it was eventually discontinued in October of 2016. Currently, Apple has the Apple TV 4G version. This has either 32 or 64 GB of on-board flash storage, and the Siri Remote. Rumors swirl that a fifth-generation version with 4K video support may be coming next. has the complete list of vintage and obsolete products.

iPhone 7 RED

Apple’s (RED) iPhone is really Red

Apple has finally made the release of a product (RED) iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus official. With storage capacities of 128GB and 258 GB, these special edition iPhones feature a silver Apple Logo at the back and a red metallic finish. As a result of this release, customers are now at liberty to make retail store or online orders from this Friday, March 24. As much as there are various identical features compared to the iPhone 7 and plus, there is one distinct feature; the red aluminum finish. This was meant to mark the partnership that Apple and (RED) have enjoyed for over 10 years. Apart from the introduction of the red iPhones, Apple have expanded iPhone SE’s storage capacity to 32GB and 128GB which now retails at $399 and $499 respectively. Apple has also introduced latest model iPads that brings entry-level iPad updated with an A9 processor. What’s more, the price has dropped to $329 for 32 GB of storage. An additional feature of cellular connectivity will cost $459. On the other hand, the 124GB capacity model with Wi-Fi will cost $429 while the cellular option goes for $559.Apple has also seen the need to offer a new spring lineup of Apply Watch bands and have provided these long with new silicone iPhone case colors. The None Sport band also falls into this addition and is now sold separately at a price tag of $49.

Apples OLED Future

Apple’s OLED Plans for 2017

Currently, there is some very exciting news about potential product releases by Apple in 2017. There are many clues as to what Apple’s new products may be, all of which seem to point to the release of at least one OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) iPhone. The most recent report comes from Nikkei Asian Review via MacRumors states that Apple will release two new iPhone models, also been a model with an LCD (Liquid Crystal Display), and a model that is 5.8 inches with an OLED display. The also been various other rumors from various sources surrounding Apple’s future releases, all of which are in agreement with each other. According to The Bell, however, the maker of the iPhone will not be able to release a full OLED handset for a couple of years. Also, according to a new supply chain source, Apple is planning to equip every iPhone made in 2019 with OLED displays. The result of this is an expected 80% OLED adoption rate, double what it is now. By 2019, this rate should reach 100%. Rumor has it that Apple is planning to release a large iPhone 8 model, which will lack a physical home button and bezels surrounding the display. Many sources have also reported that Apple is alsoplanning to create its upcoming iPad Refresh without a physical home button.The idea has also been thrown aroundthat Apple is working on creating a not yet named, 10.5-inch iPad model with smaller bezels. If this last rumor is true,

Apple MacBook Retina Staingate

Has Apple addressed Staingate?

Edit 24th October: After long waiting It seems that Apple has finally acknowledged to the coating issue and Apple has replaced my screen for free! Other customers are also reporting that their screen has been fixed for free by apple Original article: As Apple Inc’s customer base is rising at rocket’s pace, worldwide, so is the number of members in the Staingate community against one of its premium products called the Macbook Pro Retina. The Staingate community formed by users of Apple’s Macbook Retina is represented by as many as 4396 users who have been agitated over “peeling off anti-reflective coating on screen of Macbook leaving opaque stains”. The product that landed in the market in mid 2012, has seen scores of users voicing their concern over the staingate issue, which they state, begins soon after 7 months of purchase. The users have been appealing to the company to resolve the problem free of cost, while, out of warranty the repair of the stained screens costs about 800 USD. It is pertinent to note that a buyer who spent 2000 USD to purchase the Macbook is being forced to shell out another 800 USDs on the device after seven months of usage. The name Staingate coined by users, after the old issue of Antennagate of Apple iPhone 4, has fast emerged as a crusade against the company that recently announced that free of cost repairs will only be allowed to those whose Macbook was under warranty. This implied that only those who

I bought the Apple Watch AND I LOVE IT

I bought the Apple Watch AND I LOVE IT

Out of all of the many different electronic devices that I own, perhaps my most favorite has to be the brand new Apple Watch. – Joshua W. MacCrunch Writer I absolutely love the device and all of the features that are contained within it. I wanted to take the opportunity to provide my own personal review of the product in the hopes that it may help someone make an informed decision about whether or not the Apple Watch is right for them. I’ve done my best to break this review up as much as possible to make it easier to navigate through, especially if you are looking for certain information and questions about the Apple Watch that you need answers to. Lets get started! As can be expected, the Apple Watch is much lighter and smaller than the more well-known Apple iPhone. This was the very first thing that I liked and noticed about the device, as well as the fact that, at least to me, it seemed to be a form of extension of the iPhone. However, you may be asking yourself at this point exactly what the Apple Watch can do. Here are some of the most basic functions of the device. What does it do? First and foremost, the Apple Watch can tell time accurately just like any other normal watch. In addition, the device automatically adjusts itself whenever Daylight Savings Time rolls around, as well as keeping track of your current location to the point where

The 8k iMac is coming - What you need to know

The 8k iMac is coming – What you need to know

In a recent press release that has since been deleted, though recovered thanks to the popular Google Cache program, technology giant LG stated that Apple was in the midst of preparing an iMac 8K computer sometime later this year, and that this device would possess a super-high resolution display. LG then claimed that this was something that Apple would consider to be one of their crowning achievements out of everything that is planning to be unveiled this year around the world. For instance, in Japan, a test broadcast on an 8K SHV is being planned, while at the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, Korea, 8K broadcast demos will be showcased. And, as for LG themselves, they has previously unveiled an 8K panel of their own at the recent Consumer Electronics Showcase event. Did LG leak it for a reason? Does this mean that Apple is essentially planning on handing over its amount of lead time to all of their competitors? The answer to this question is a simple “maybe” on account of the fact that no one can truly prove that LG simply decided to leak what was to be a major announcement from Apple; however, it has been pointed out as of late that there are some major issues with this particular projection. As the old saying goes, the first problem is generally the most obvious problem. LG, along with other various electronics manufacturers, can talk all they want about bringing 8K technology demo units to events such as

Top 10 Features of the Apple Watch

Apple Watch Review Top 10 Features

We’ve all been waiting for it. The Apple Watch was the major innovation due this year. And the biggest questions were about the features it would have. Of course, just as the iPhone isn’t only a phone, and the iPad is much much more than a portable desktop computer, we knew that the Apple Watch was going to be much more than just a watch. Now that the wait has ended and the Apple Watch is out there in the hands of eager users, how does it stack up? What are the reviewers saying? Heres our Apple Watch Review with the Top 10 Features   1. It’s not just a watch it’s a personal device. In the words of the Apple blurb, it’s the most personal device yet, letting you do most of the things you’ve become accustomed to on your phone and tablet. Only now, you wear your life on your sleeve, er, cuff.   2. It’s also a pretty good watch …almost one of the best: The Apple Watch is a precision timekeeper. Perhaps the most precise timepiece ever. And you can read the time in any form you want it: digital, clock face, world clock. And of course, because after all it is a watch, it has a timer and an alarm. 3. It lets you stay in touch on the go A gentle tap warns you of incoming messages, a small but very readable screen lets you know what’s going on, and to make your plans.

Top 10 features of OS X El Capitan

Top 10 features of OS X El Capitan

Apple’s OS X is the latest operating system for Mac computers and it is named El Capitan. This particular OS system is named after a vertical rock formation in Yosemite National Park. El Capitan was released in 2015 and it promises to better than its predecessors. This particular OS system for Mack has some immediate upgrades that Mac owners and curious consumers should know about. Here are the top 10 features of OS X El Capitan. 1. Cleaner Windows Mac users now have the ability to arrange their desktop in a way that is easy to manage their programs and apps. With just a swipe of the screen they can use the Mission Control feature to arragne their desktop into neatly organized windows. A person will have to do at least one of the following things to use mission contol:   Double-tap the surface of their mouse with two fingers  Click the Mission Control icon in the “dock” or “launchpad”  Press the Mission Control key on the Apple keyboard  Swipe up with 3 or 4 fingers on the trackpad   2. Better Mapping Technology The mapping technology on Mac’s Yosemite OS was pretty solid. However, it has been upgraded on El Capitan. The mapping technology in this version of Mac’s users will have access to detailed public transportation inforation for any part of the country they are in. The information will be for public train and bus users. Routing information will also be included. Users will also be able to