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Sonos Play 1 Review (2019) - Still The Best!

Sonos Play 1 Review (2019) – Still The Best!

Here’s another review for you guys on what I think is the best wireless speaker for streaming music through your Alexa or your Google Assistant or your Apple Home Kit that there is out there right now. In my opinion, the best sound for the money, definitely for the money and it’s by Sonos, and it’s the Sonos Play One. Now it’s a mid-priced unit. I would say. I found a pretty good deal on it, and I put a link below in the description so you guys can check that out if you’d like. But the nice thing about this speaker is three things. One, and the most important thing is the sound quality. This is on a part if not better than the Bose Soundlink Systems. I’ve tried them — Sony’s higher-end systems. This thing sounds good. It really will fill your entire room with music. Excellent clarity. Good bass too. I was also astonished. I didn’t think the bass was going to be that good with this unit. The other thing that’s nice about this one is that it works with Bluetooth so you can Bluetooth from your phone and stream music right into it even if it’s not paired with your home situation. Now I used the Google ecosystem. This works perfectly fine with the Google ecosystem. It will stream, I have a Google Home Mini that I can Stream into this. Sounds way better than the Google Home Mini. But any music that I have

Google Fi Explained

What Google Fi is and how it works

Run by Google, Google Fi is a network of a mobile operator that enables phone services like data, calls and messaging by use of cellular network connections and Wi-Fi. Founded in April 2015, this virtual network system only supports mobile networks in the United States which include Sprint Corporation, U.S. Cellular, and T-Mobile. Project Fi is suitable for Apple phones and a few select Android devices. This project covers more than 170 countries in the world. In its course of operation, it switches between networks according to its speed and the signal in the area. This enables phone calls to easily change from Wi-Fi to cellular network and back. When many networks are detected, Google Fi will switch you to their well-analyzed system that is sure to give you the perfect experience without setbacks in the specified area. This can be 2G, 4G LTE, and even 3G. Google Fi supports all types of messages which include MMS, group texting and SMS. It also allows your phone to work as a Wi-Fi hotspot enabling users to connect to the internet. There is no extra charge when you use your phone as Wi-Fi hotspot. This is billed in your monthly usage. For phones that support Fi, you can make calls easily over Wi-Fi like you would using phone dialer. Services and data plans of Google Fi are available at a flat rate with monthly subscriptions which offers both unlimited calls and messages at the cost of $20 per month. You can

Samsung UN65MU6500

Samsung UN65MU6500 Review – The Best Deal 4k Curved TV Out There

Today I want to do a quick review of the Samsung Curved 65 Inch 4K LED television. Just for clarification, the model number on this one is UN65MU6500. Now, I should mention that I found a pretty good deal on this TV and I’ll put a link in the description below. So, you guys can check that deal out. So, this is Samsung’s latest model for 2017, for its curved line of 4K regular LED TV’s. This is not an OLED; it’s just a standard LED. However, I will say, if you want to short version of this review, that the picture and the color on this television, are amazing. The curve, if you like a curved screen, in my opinion, it’s the best-curved screen TV in a 4K, out there that you can buy right now. It has nice slim minimal style bezels. It looks good on a stand. It’s very minimal. It mounts well on a wall too, although I’ve never been a huge fan of mounting curved screens on the wall. To me, it looks a little odd but it’s all opinion anyway. Some people don’t mind it at all. It has 120 Hertz panel to, so I don’t really like that for movies. Obviously you can turn it off, but for sports and things like that, it’s unbelievably good. It’s like watching a video game. The players, the motion, everything just looks awesome for football, high speed sports, things like that, look awesome on this panel.

Remove iCloud with Dr Fone Software

Remove iCloud Lock without Password using Dr Fone Software

You might be asking yourself how you can Remove iCloud using the Dr. Fone Software. In this guide I will explain you how you can do a such thing – even though with a small plot twist! Dr. Fone is a software that is well known if you have been searching for working iCloud Unlock Methods. I personally have talked to the representatives of this Software and I can say thats their marketing team is fairly well trained to trick people to buy their Software. Many users actually think its possible to Remove iCloud Lock using Dr. Fone but let me break the bad news – its not possible. They are a big company with legal responsibilities and their software only removes iCloud Lock if you have the login details and I am guessing if you’re watching this video chances are high that you no longer have those! Here’s some good news though Using the Free and well-reputed Software called iCloud Unlock Deluxe you are able to Remove iCloud Activation Lock in Full without paying a single dime. With the aforementioned Software which you can download in our artle about iCloud Unlock Deluxe, you simply need to Open the .exe file on a Windows PC or the .DMG file on a Mac, connect your Apple device whether its a iPhone or iPad and initialize the Bootloader. Its all pretty straight forward and there is a full article on about it. From there you can choose the iCloud

the best Motorcycle Helmet

We tested the best Motorcycle Helmet

Motorcycle helmets are a must for everyday use. Wearing protective gear can only lessen the chances of severe injury and can save lives. While many assume that riding experience effects wearing a helmet, it does not. Protective head gear is crucial because accidents while riding are unpredictable. The Different Kinds Of Motorcycle Helmets Safety is essential, and wearing a helmet to ride a motorcycle is the first step. Wearing the correct motorcyclegear is the next. There are different types of helmets for different occasions. Many helmets offer various features that may suit one individual versus another. Here are some factors to consider when choosing the right helmet. Safety Safety is paramount when it comes to the structure of the motorcyclehelmet. If a helmet isn’t built according to the Federal Government’s Department of Transportation or DOT, there is no use for it. It shouldn’t be considered wearable because DOT sets the standards for the proper helmet dynamics. With this being considered, a helmet that just meets these standardsshouldn’t be wearable either. The non-profit organization, SNELL, sets standards that provide the most protection for riders. Comfort It is central to use a helmet that fits you the best. You will be wearing it every time you ride, and you don’t want an uncomfortable helmet to be a distraction. It doesn’t matter if a helmet fits your style or has extra features, if it is not comfortable, you shouldn’t wear it. When wearing a helmet, it needs to fit tightly. It has to

upcoming movies

Hottest Movies coming in 2016

2016 is shaping up to have great movies in stock for movie fanatics. If you are into action, horror, sci-fi, or comedy movies, then the upcoming 2016 movies will not disappoint. Below are some of the hottest movies that will dominate the box office in 2016. 1.X-Men Apocalypse Genre – Action, Fantasy, Sci-fi, Adventure The movie tells the story of the emergence of the immortal and invincible, Apocalypse, the world’s first and most powerful mutant from Marvels X-Men universe. After thousands of years, he awakens and is in dismay of the new world. He recruits a team of powerful mutants, including Magneto, to rid the world of humankind and create a new world order, which he shall rule. Raven, with the help of Professor X must lead a team of young X-Men to stop Apocalypse and his crew and save mankind. If you are a lover of the X-men movies, then you know they never disappoint. One of the frequently asked questions is if Hugh Jackman is going to appear as Wolverine. All I can say is watch the movie and find out! You shall not be disappointed. The movie has great fight scenes, which shall leave you on the edge of your seat. The cast chosen did a fantastic job in their roles. The movie starts at a high note and just keeps getting better. If you are looking for a great action movie combined with fantasy, then this is the movie for you! A must add to your

HP Customer Service

HP Customer Support is the Worst in the Industry

When customers have a problem with their devices such as laptop computers they are going to call customer service to see what the problem is. HP Customer Support like many companies has an automated system. That is not the problem. The customer has reported that it takes several minutes just to hear an option where they can speak to a live representative. While a person finally gets the choice to talk to a real human instead of a machine, the problem is far from over. Many people expect that they will have to wait on hold for a couple of minutes. It is not uncommon for HP to put their customers on hold for 45 minutes. Sometimes their waiting period is even longer. Customers have reported that they have been placed on hold for more than one hour trying to get some support. Once a customer can speak to a human the customer support from HP does not improve much. HP took 4 hours of my time then Hanging up on me I personally have had a negative experience with HP, after talking to this guy named ‘John’ who had a stunningly Indian’ish accent to be called John I have already spent 2 hours getting redirected from Support to Manager to Supervisor, I have recorded the entire thing on my phone and as I cross the 2:30 hour mark they hang up on me for no reason after letting me wait for 20 minutes on hold. I call back and

5k iMac vs. 2010 iMac - NovaBench Benchmark

5k iMac vs 2010 iMac – NovaBench Benchmark

Hey, today I took decided to run a little head to head benchmark on the 2010 i3 iMac vs. the 5k iMac running the Intel Core i5 and the M290x. The results were surprisingly close however the real world performance test shows how much faster the 5k iMac is compared to the 2010 iMac. I personally am really satisfied with my 2014 5k iMac and don’t plan on upgrading it anytime soon. The Screen its just beautiful to look at and when writing text looks super crisp and the colors of the retina screen are on point and better than what I have seen on most PC’s. There is a Rumor that the 8k iMac will come out later this year however that is still unconfirmed. For me personally iMac’s are the best computers, they’re simple and good looking and powerful enough to do things like video editing etc with the new M290x which does a really good job powering both the 5k Display in addition to the 2560×1440 second monitor I’m using.   Thanks for watching guys make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel and like our page on Facebook for all the latest Tech goodness.  

How to fix No DNS servers on Apple AirPort

How to fix “No DNS servers” on Apple AirPort

Some people in the /r/AppleHelp Subreddit have complained about issues with their Apple AirPort Station including errors No DNS Servers and ‘Internet connection’ Issues include the Apple AirPort’s status lights changing from green to yellow once or twice a day while constantly dropping the signal or providing no internet connection at all. This issue is caused by the ISP’s DHCP server not properly responding and the only fix is to set the DNS of your Apple Airport manually. How to fix “No DNS servers” on Apple AirPort The easy fix for this would be overwriting your DNS servers to Googles Universal DNS Servers and To do so follow this simple to follow Tutorial: If you keep having issues try resetting your AirPort using the following guide: Shut Down your Apple AirPort and Disconnect any Computer connected via Wifi and Ethernet Disconnect your Apple AirPort from your Router Modem Reset your AirPort Disconnecting your AirPort from the Power and taking a toothpick, needle or paperclip and press it into the reset button on the back of your AirPort for about 5 seconds until the status light changes After the reset power the AirPort back on Reconnect the AirPort to your Modem Router and make sure you connect it to the WAN port (the one with the circle of dots on it) Wait 5-10 Minutes for it to turn back on Re-connect all your devices and you should be ready to go!

What is FaceTime

What is FaceTime?

What is FaceTime? FaceTime is an app by Apple which you can use in your iphone and ipad to make video calls and share your surroundings with the people whom you talk to in the real time. You can use the app with the help of internet. The process is pretty simple. You just need to do a simple tap on the app to make things possible for you. The iphone and ipad have two cameras for making video calls and sharing what is happening at your place. You can either tap on the contact number or the email address to make video calls to the person, you want to make contact.   How does FaceTime work? Video calling feature of the app helps you be present in two places at time It doesn’t matter wherever you are and what you are doing at the point of time. It may be possible that you are in an important meeting. You can make video calls from your iphone or ipad or mac with just a tap on the FaceTime app. The best part of the video calling is that it marks your presence at a place even if you are not physically present there.   An easy tap does the trick There is no need to set up a special account or have a specific screen name for making calls through FaceTime. Search for the name that you wish to call from your contacts and tap on the FaceTime button. You