5 Windows 10 Privacy Concerns


Windows has been known to be the most vulnerable system on the market (with android) but these 5 facts about Windows 10’s privacy policies will make you think twice before upgrading or even buying a Windows 10 machine

1. Windows 10 Shares Your Information with Microsoft by a default

A default features on Windows 10 will share information with Microsoft. According to the private policy Windows will send Microsoft everything that you ask of Cortana. This is the virtual assistant that is similar to Seri. The program will also store your name, nicknames, events on your calendar, the names of the people you are meeting, and information regarding your contacts.If you do not like this feature it can be disabled.Microsoft has 13 privacy screens that you will have to use in order to shut down this feature.

2. Windows 10 Uses Your Bandwidth

Windows 10 will use your home internet connection to help other people with their downloads and updates.If a person is having trouble connecting to their own Microsoft server they can borrow from your connection.This happens all the time and more often than not you will not even realize it.This is called Windows Update Delivery Optimization and will use windows users with their updates. They will update at a faster pace.Microsoft does not tell customers about this feature. You have to navigate through a number of submenus to turn this feature off . The Choose how updates are delivered and Advanced options to turn this off can be found in the app settings.Microsoft should be more upfront about this features and make it easier for customers to turn it off.

3. Windows Shares Your Passwords with Your Friends

Windows 10 has a feature called Wi-fi sense. This will log your friends into your wi-fi connection without a password.The program MSFT or Tech 30 stores your password and can unlock some of your private things such as photos.This is not too big of a deal. This only works if your friends have Windows 10. They will not be able to share your network connection with others. Your password is encrypted and it will not work on other networks that have security codes. You can also opt out of this feature.The all of nothing policy can still trouble some users. Allowing to share access including Facebook and other information will allow not only your friends to have access but stalkers as well.

4. Information sent to Microsoft even after data sharing settings were disabled

If you went through all 13 screen to shut off the data sharing Microsoft will still be getting some of your information.If you have disabled Corana and Bing opening the start menu and typing in anything will share this information with Microsoft.Microsoft is not really looking into what you are searching but they are learning about search habits of internet users. They are not specific by what they mean by this. What you search may be recorded not by the topic but how you searched it.As Windows 10 is updating it will use this information to make it easier to search with Bing. No information about the topics you are searching will go to Microsoft. This may seem a little odd but this is what Microsoft is claiming.There should be a way to opt out of all sharing.

5. Counterfeit Game scans

Window 10 licensing agreement which many people agree to but do not read includes information that the company will get information that allows the company to scan your computer for games you may have pirated. The company will then be able to disable them. This is automatically checked with the software updates and will prevent you from accessing counterfeit games or using unauthorized hardware. You will not longer be able to play these for free. This applies to several things in Windows 10 including Xbox Live and not actually Windows

These 5 Windows 10 privacy concerns are terrible. Read those and you will think twice before updating your Windows version or buying a new PC.

Elliot V. King

Elliot V. King

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