Fire TV Stick Review – Can it beat the Apple TV?


In this day and age, people no longer need cable or satellite TV to watch their favorite shows. We live in the era of streaming devices, devices which can play movies, TV shows, and even YouTube videos straight to your TV over WiFi. The most popular form of these devices is a simple streaming stick, inches long, which plugs directly into the TV. There are a number of established options out there, notably the Google Chromecast, Apple TV and the Roku. However, another competitor has recently entered the market. Amazon’s Fire TV stick is the newest and brightest streaming stick available, and brings a lot to the table that its competitors simply can not.


The hardware powering the Fire TV Stick reigns supreme among similar devices. With a dual-core processor and 1 GB of RAM, the device might be as powerful as your smartphone. This allows it to not only stream smoothly, but also handle additional apps and tasks.

The Fire TV Stick also comes standard with 8 GB of storage, for offline application and video storage. No other streaming stick has anything close to this much storage, so if you intend to go offline frequently, this alone may make the deal for you.


But what good would this hardware be without services to use it? Fear not, because the Fire TV Stick has access to almost every popular streaming service available, even music streaming services. Amazon has gone above and beyond in terms of application spread, and you can do just about anything on the Fire TV Stick that can be done on competitors.

The Fire TV also has a wide selection of games. If games are a concern for you, or if you need a small gaming system for your kids, the Fire TV Stick may be a fantastic option. However, note that you may need to purchase a controller to play many games.


Overall, the Fire TV Stick represents an excellent choice for those looking for a streaming device. If you need a streaming stick for your TV watching, look no further than the Fire TV Stick however if you want a more rounded up package we can highly recommend you to get an Apple TV

Elliot V. King

Elliot V. King

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