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We’re counting down the days until the iOS 10 announcement while Apple is hard at work with their new operating system. It’s clearly shown here that the visits with iOS 10 running devices to Mac rumors are going up. We talk a lot about features that we want. Instead I wanted to show you 10 rumored features that are actually likely to happen.

Before you get too excited, let’s talk about device support.

The devices that will be dropped will be the iPhone 4S and iPad 2 and iPad Mini 1.

These will no longer support iOS 10. Apple got so much flack for releasing a new operating system that not only didn’t improve performance. It degraded it. I certainly don’t see Apple introducing support for these older devices, so these devices will be joining the legacy bin at Apple headquarters, where the iPhone 4 and older devices already exist. In fact, the iPhone 5 and iPad 3 have a very good chance at being axed as well just because of how bad the backlash was at supporting older devices and slowing them down.

A re-worked iPhotos App with more features

Starting with most likely to less likely, iOS 10 will start by revamping the photos application. Said to take a lot of inspiration from the iPhotos app, there will be a lot of focus on the photos application in iOS 10. Features like editing a specific area on the photo for touch up. Instead of overlaying the whole photo with a filter of some sort, you can just edit specific areas of the photo. This is a much loved feature in iPhoto. Another one is being able to edit EXIF data directly and some sort of face detection in the new version of the photos application. Apple will be making a lot of changes in the photos app.

Siri will be improved

A lot of talk about Siri. She will be receiving a full overhaul not in the looks department, but actual functionality. She will be able to transcribe voicemails now and a possible third party API could be available. That will be something to see. This one I’m quite excited about, Unicode 9.0 support, Apple regularly updates iOS with support for newer and newer Unicode versions. This latest version would allow for 74 new emojis. These are just a small sample of those. A lot of cool, creative ones in here. Who doesn’t love emojis? I always love to upgrade and get more. We will be receiving more in iOS 10.

Advanced Control Center

After a long period of neglect, Apple is said to be finally focusing on a control center. In the last 9.3 version, they gave us the Night Shift toggle, but that’s just not enough. They’re said to include a new low power mode toggle, as well as being able to customize the controls in the control center. That would be a dream. I don’t know how likely this is, but there is talk about it. This one will almost certainly happen.

Enhanced 3D Touch gestures

Apple will be expanding the function of 3D Touch in iOS 10. With iOS 9.3, they expanded it further into the settings app. Lots of new icons, but Apple wants to move away from the negative criticism about 3D Touch not being useful by adding a whole bunch of new functionality. This is just a couple of examples of where Apple can place it. No one really knows, but Apple will be expanding 3D Touch. You could expand it in control center, folders to 3 Touch on them, notifications. There’s a lot.

iMessage as payment processor

A patent recently granted to Apple is the ability to send money through iMessage. This would be really cool, something that Snapchat tried out, but wasn’t successful in. I think Apple could definitely make this one work. Basically, send payments over messages. Another patent from Apple, a smarter autocorrect. Let’s say you spell a word wrong, autocorrect will now let you know with a prompt that a word could possibly be spelled wrong. It will let you know that it can prompt to the other person you just sent it to that it could have been wrong, so basically a correction.

iMessage user Online/Offline Badge

Another patent, this one depicts a feature, where you could know which contacts are currently available for you to contact. This would happen basically like you know you guys download a new application, you get a little dot next to it? This would set a dot right next to a contact that’s available for you to call or message right now. Of course it could be disabled. It’s like the anonymous feature inside of a chat on Facebook. You can enable it if you don’t like it.

Extended Split Screen Support

This feature I place last because it is the least likely to happen. However, there is still a rumor saying it will happen. Larger plus models have more screen estate, so it makes sense that Apple would want to create some sort of split-view mode on it, very similar to the Slide Over feature on the iPads, Apple could do something very similar, have strict APIs for what these applications can do, but finally being able to split applications in half and multitask would be awesome. Please make it true, Apple.

Guys, those are 10 features that are likely to happen in iOS 10 based off of rumors and patents. We can expect a formal announcement on June 13 at a world-wide developers conference. I will make sure to cover everything you guys need to know of course, so stay tuned for all of that. I am so excited. Have a great day, guys, peace.

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