How to fix iPhone camera flash not working

Camera flash iPhone 5 not working? Do you love taking selfies, or just shooting a video with iPhone? If yes, then your camera app should be functioning excellently. It would then be a great disaster to discover that the flash does not affect the photos taken as reported by several users. These users claim that the flash of iPhone 5 does not work as specified since the flash keeps going on and before or after the photo has been taken. This means that the camera shot is not properly synchronized with the flash. Fixing the Problem: Camera flash iPhone 5

iPhone speakers stopped working? – Tips to fix it!

iPhone speakers stopped working? Most iPhone users will be faced with the challenge where the iphone speakers stopped working. It’s an embarrassment when a user cannot make calls with the speaker phone. When making calls, you cannot hear the other person on the other end. Due to you not hearing anything, the action may trigger the caller to hang up. You will also hear nothing when you try listening to voicemail messages. Any of your iPhone speakers stopped working? Signs that an iPhone Speaker is not working Some signs that may make you know that your iPhone has an issue

How to fix an iPhone that is not Charging/ Lightning Port Problems?

Has your iPhone stopped charging all over a sudden? Do you have lightning connector issues? Let’s fix them now! If yes, be sure that you are not alone. I also experienced the same thing with my adorable iPhone. To me, this was not just an ordinary challenge; it was a crisis that needed an immediate action!I am one of those iFolks who are ever on iDevice, and wherever I go, my iPhone and iPad has to go as well. I place them in my pockets, handbags and my hands and they give me one heck of a workout you know!

Ever Wondered How You Can Get Snapchat on your iPad?

A lot of iPad users have some questions similar to: Does Snapchat work on iPad? How do i get snapchat on my iPad? Is there a Snapchat for iPad? Can snapchat be used on iPad? Sometimes, using Snapchat on your iPad is better than using your iPhone or Android all the time. Does snapchat work on iPad? The sad truth is a iPad-dedicated app has yet to be published by Snap, Inc. But, rest assured. There is hope. So, does this mean that you will never be able to use Snapchat on your iPad ever? Well, to be fair, there

How to Clone Phones? Step by Step guide

Mobile phone cloning – Mobile phone cloning is the modus operandi or technique that enables the reassigning of secured data from one cell phone to another. In simpler terms, the other phone becomes a copy of the original. All phone come equipped with an IMEI or International Mobile Equipment Identity number. To check if the cell phone you have is an original you must scan the IMEI. The IMEI number can be found by typing #06 on an android phone or looking at the bottom on the back of an iPhone. Once this is completed you can visit either the

How to fix iPhone and iPad Failure to Sync Notes to iCloud

  Sync notes iPhone to iPad  – Most iPhone users have indicated that they were at one point unable to sync notes from an iPhone to an iPad. The issue occurred even after turning the iCloud settings ON. Some users noted that the Apple’s sync process caused them to have duplicate notes. How to fix iPhone and iPad Failure to Sync Notes to iCloud – sync notes iphone to ipad ICloud can be fussy at times especially when a user wants to sync the notes. It is sometimes essential to try troubleshooting the problem by yourself. There are numerous things

How to Clone a Sim Card – A Step by Step Guide

How to clone SIM? Cloning a SIM card is something many people have thought up but do not know how to do it. You are going to learn step by step on how to clone a SIM card. Disclaimer: The Cloning of a SIM card is ILLEGAL and you can get in trouble with the law if you do so.  Most people own for and use it for a lot more than making calls. Many people do not know how easy it is to gain access to their information. This can be done by cloning the sim card. The SIM

iPhone volume buttons not working? How to fix

The volume button on my iPhone is not working, what should I do? The side button of the iPhone might stop working which can be because of many reasons, for example, it can be a hardware issue, these buttons might be stuck, and many more. These tips can assist in solving the issue for some people : The volume button on my iPhone is not working? What should I do? The buttons can be cleaned by the vacuum nozzle, if the buttons are stuck then pressing the volume button upward and downward can assist in solving the issue, or DFU

iPhone / iPad: Wi-Fi Hotspot not working

iPhone / iPad: Wi-Fi Hotspot not working? Wifi Hotspot might sometimes stop working for some people using the iPhone or an iPad. These steps could be of help in order to resolve this particular issue: iPhone / iPad: Wi-Fi Hotspot not working? Fix it now! The Personal Hotspot has to be switched off however, the Wifi should be on, then again Personal Hotspot has to be switched on. From the Settings, the Wifi can be toggled off and on. Similarly, the Cellular option can be toggled off and on again but in order to switch it on few seconds, the