Beats urBeats Review – What You Should Know

by Elliot V. King

Hunting for great headphones can be a hassle, I tried almost every pair there is. My budget gave me a vast selection to choose from but even Bose, being a personal favorite wasn’t able to fulfill my needs.

I hunted for a good pair for a long time, and eventually came across theBeats urBeats. I wanted small, easy to carry headphones with great sound quality. A huge ask for in-ears but did the urBeats deliver. I was shocked by the quality, I had always brushed Beats off as being overpriced gimmicks to ignore but I was oh so very wrong.

They provided great sound quality and great build quality as well. They were light in my ears; the wire was sturdy and far from frail, build quality shone through greatly here. Packed with hard hitting bass that doesn’t drown out vocals, a common fault I’ve experienced with the more cheaper headphones.

But! I must stress, despite the Beats label, the urBeats fail to surpass the hurdles thrown in front of the less expensive headphone range. Audio quality can use a little touch up, the mids are lacking along with the treble being a bit weak in comparison to other headphones. But for the low price, I can hardly complain about these issues, I had expected as much.

These headphones really outshine themselves in comparison to previous headphones I have frequented. In comparison to my old pair of Bose headphones the audio quality dwarfs that of the Bose in every sense. The lyrics are cleaner, the Bass is actually audible; The Bose for the $150 they cost me provided absolutely no bass at all, none what so ever which was a massive embarrassment to them and they have lost a faithful customer. And the urBeats feel overall… nicer in the ear compared to the Bose.

In the end, the urBeats are perfect for me. With only a few minor faults and for just under $100 they are a brand I will be willing to return to.

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