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This is an unlock service that allows you to unlock your iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch. is really easy to use and can help in difficult situations when your smartphone is locked. It is one of the smartest iCloud removal services. It is completely free and it does not take much time to remove iCloud lock.

This site can also help when you buy a secondhand phone and see iCloud activation lock screen. Sometimes it is difficult to contact the seller and with his help to unlock iCloud account or you forget your Apple ID.

This service can also help to unlock iCloud or to do iCloud account removal and customize it for yourself. In addition, if you forget your login or password, or if you cannot remember the control questions. Even if you recover your password or login through another iPhone, this service will come in handy. It is really convenient and easy to remove iCloud activation lock.

Thanks to it, many users have already solved the problem of blocked iPhones or other gadgets from Apple. A small registration procedure and you get your iPhone ready for use.

Lockedtoowner.comworks with all iPhone models and other Apple devices released even in 2022! You don’t need to know about unlocking process or other mobile stuff. The iCloud unlock service is made simply so that every user of Apple products can use the site’s services.

Also, the site works worldwide, so you can unlock your device from anywhere. It also works around the clock, so you can feel free to use the service.

The interface

The interface of is very convenient. All the necessary buttons and tools are at your fingertips. To familiarize yourself with the unlock process, the website provides clear explanations. For the convenience of choosing the necessary device, a column with models of iPhones or Macs has been made. Also if you can’t determine the exact model of your device there is a very handy “unlock any device” feature. It makes the process fast and effective.

For my iOS devices, I tried using mobile apps. But they don’t work or have a complicated registration and cost a lot of money. In addition, you will not need to contact service centers and spend money and time on the work of technicians. Unlocking the device takes no more than 20 minutes and is absolutely free.

On Trustpilot, Lockedtoowner has received close to 250 ratings, the majority of them are 5-star evaluations.

Firstly, you need to go through registration. Registration will take you very little time. All you need to enter is your name, email, and international mobile device identifier or serial number. You can see the IMEI address in the iOS device settings or on the back of the phone. At the bottom of the back of the iPhone, your device IMEI number is printed. This is all information that the iCloud unlock service needs to have your devices unlocked.

Yes, all data is kept completely confidential, no information about you or your device will be shared.


The unlock service guarantees this. Then a new iPhone account is created. You receive a new password and login, which you use in the future. Of course, you can change them whenever you want. If in doubt, visit YouTube and see how it works. This applies to all models of iPhone, Mac, or even Apple Watch.’s iCloud Unlock Services stand out among the competition!

After installing a new iPhone user, all settings and data are saved. You do not need to reload apps as a new user. All applications remain open for you. This also applies to iCloud. All photos, videos, and other data will remain in storage. No information will be lost even if you reinstall iCloud completely. It is very convenient.

Even if you have lost the receipt or the supporting documents of your device, our service can help you unlock it. On the site, you can choose options that match your requests. Each option corresponds to a problem with screen lock you may have.


The design of the site can be noted for its simplicity and familiarity. In appearance, it does not differ from other servers of the Apple company. Developers and designers really know what they are doing. The site works flawlessly, with no third-party sites, and no bugs. You can find everything you need on the first page. Contact information is also there.

The site also contains useful information about other applications and services. The column with the choice of your device model is convenient, it helps to quickly and accurately go to unlocking your device. It also has nice colors and a well-readable font. The site does not contain any advertisements or links to other sites, which makes it pleasant to use and does not clutter up the information space.


If you have questions about the operation of the service, or you cannot understand your device, you can write to by email and the answer will not make you wait long. Site managers work every day. They are polite and knowledgeable about Apple products. Even if you do not have any understanding of mobile spaces, they will simply and clearly explain to you and help you with any question.

Also, you can see a bunch of reviews. Despite the youth of the site, it has already gained many fans. Most of the reviews are positive, which gives confidence in the effectiveness of this service. It is deserved because not one of the other services has such a convenient interface and quick processing of requests. Other sites and services are not as convenient as this one. On this site, you can unlock your Apple device in a few steps. It is a standout amongst the most usability iCloud unlock servisec applications. 

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For and against


  • Quick and accurate performance of the task
  • Easy-to-use interface of unlock service
  • A complete set of device models
  • A few easy steps to unlock your device
  • The high response speed of the support service


  • Lack of visual content
  • Does not offer much customizability except Unlocking iCloud

In conclusion

Using this program is convenient and simple. Due to the few steps, it is easy unlock your device, this service is considered one of the best. In addition, you don’t need to go to service centers and spend money. Fast navigation on the site will speed up access to your device. It is really fast and free to unlock your Apple device. I highly recommend this trusted iCloud unlock service. No major flaws were found. Now there are many social networks and it is difficult to remember all the passwords, so this service will always be useful, even if you accidentally forgot the password or login. It is really a must-have.

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