How to unlock a phone carrier


Do you want to know how to unlock a phone carrier? Smartphone users are now struggling to use their phones with any carrier. Unlocking a cell phone is not as easy as it used to be, but there is an online tool that can do this for you in just 15 minutes without needing to contact your service provider. SafeUnlocks offers customers the chance to unlock devices from all major carriers and also provides instructions on how to complete this process at home. We will show you everything that’s needed and how it works step by step!

What is the carrier lock?

how to unlock a phone carrier
How to unlock a phone carrier

The carrier lock is a security measure that phone providers put in place to keep customers from switching to a different service provider. It’s a system that locks the phone to a specific carrier, so you can’t use it with any other company. But there is a way to get around this security measure and that’s by using an online tool like SafeUnlocks.

How does it affect users?

With so many new carriers arriving nowadays with better prices and services, the carrier lock has become more of a burden to users as customers are not able to take advantage of those new low prices. It’s not an easy task to switch to a new carrier when your phone is locked, Luckily with SafeUnlocks, you can use that new sim card from your new provider in a matter of minutes.

How to unlock a phone carrier

carrier unlock online
how to unlock a phone carrier

We already talked about how the carrier lock affects users around the world. Now we want to talk about how to get started with your carrier unlock. This process is made online and does not require external software or technical knowledge.

What do you need to unlock your phone?

First of all, the most important step is to have any type of device with a browser and internet connection to start the unlocking process. You will also need the phone you want to unlock along with a valid email address to complete the process.

Getting started

Once you have all the requirements listed above, you will open the SafeUnlock page (Link on the button below). The process will take around 5-10 minutes and it is the most affordable tool on the internet.

Complete the form

Please enter all the information required on the form correctly, you will be asked about the following:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Device Model (Android Phone and iPhones Allowed)
  • Device’s IMEI number
  • Accept the $1 Verification fee
Screenshot 2022 01 11 at 6.04.32 PM
Enter the device information

Get a membership ID

Once all information is submitted on the form. An order will be issued for that specific device, please go ahead and complete the verification process by signing up for a membership ID. This is for the safety of the app and the device, we offer this service to the community and we are trying to protect it from being used commercially.

Screenshot 2022 01 11 at 6.04.44 PM
Obtain a membership ID

Enter your Membership ID

To get your device unlocked, you have the submit the order by pressing the “start order” button. Now the system will process your request and generate an unlock request to the carrier that will then proceed to unlock it.

Screenshot 2022 01 11 at 6.07.15 PM
Enter your membership ID

Wait for the unlock request to be processed

Now it is only a matter of minutes before your cell phone is unlock. You do not need any unlock code as the system will process it. The old unlock code USSD method can be a little hard for some users, so we decided to do it automatically on the system.

how to unlock a phone carrier
You will receive a message with a confirmation

Frequently asked questions

how to unlock a phone carrier
Common questions

After hundreds of unlocked phones, we have gathered the most common questions users ask while doing the process. This will solve all doubts before you switch carriers. If you have specific questions, feel free to contact us or SafeUnlocks directly.

Can I use it if line has a service contract?

Yes, this method can be use for postpaid accounts. there is no restriction from using this tool. Any unlock requests will be completed as long as all the information is correct, this includes blacklisted devices. We do not condone the unlocking of stolen property.

Does it work on any carrier?

Yes, the service can be used online as long as the user has a browser and an internet connection. The tool has been use on hundreds of providers around the world but the most populars are:

  • Virgin mobile
  • Sprint Phone
  • Verizon Phone
  • T mobile device
  • Vodafone

This method works on any android or iPhones, any model is allowed. We also allow most carriers around the world/ This sim unlock method is universal and will get you an automatic unlock in just minutes.

Does it work on a prepaid phone?

Yes, prepaid devices can be unlocked using this method. As long as the device is compatible with the system, it will allow you to have an automatically unlocked mobile device. The unlocking procedure works the same way on every device or network so there is nothing you need to worry about.

Do I need to be in good standing?

There are no restrictions regarding the good standing status of your device. We highly encourage users to be in good standing and that the device trying to be unlocked is fully paid. Also if the cell phone is reported lost, we suggest you not to use the tool.

Is it automatically unlock?

Yes, once a phone is unlocked with the system, it will display a message stating your device has been successfully unlocked. There are no messages regarding failure as this method works on any carrier or devices.

Will it affect the mobile networks?

No, the unlock process will not affect the networks or any other service providers. Your device will be permanently unlocked and it can be used with any SIM card from any carrier in the world.

Is there a support line?

You can contact SafeUnlock directly if you have any questions about your sim restrictions, supported carrier, device’s account. Feel free to reach them in case you have any doubts.

What are you waiting for?

unlock your device
It’s time to take action and unlock your device

Here on Maccrunch we hope you enjoy your fully unlocked device with no restrictions. Having an unlocked phone will make your life much easier and you can switch carriers at any time without having to worry about simlock or network problems. Visit SafeUnlocks if you want to learn how to do it.

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