The Best Wayback Machine Alternatives

by Elliot V. King

Today we’ll be looking at the best way back machine or so-called ‘Internet Archive’ alternatives. These websites have special features, and they will be helpful to anyone looking at a website’s history. Below are some wayback machine alternatives to help fit your needs.

Take Screenshots

Screenshots are seen as the best alternative. They are easy to make out and can take a picture of the website by saving the snapshots in a database. You can reaccess the snapshots in the future. Only the owner can access them.


This site has a lot of information and can also provide access to the Alexa database. If you click on the internet options button, you can access some tools on this site.


It is easy to create content with Pagefreezer. There are some features, and it will make it easy for you to explore the competition.


Webcite Archive offers editors, writers, and publishers the chance to use screenshots to relate to auto cited references.

It will help with the HTML page as well as any documents that are associated with the images. This site is user-friendly and has an extensive database.

This is another commonly used alternative to the wayback machine. This has some functions and is user-friendly. It is becoming more and more popular.

Two search bars allow for access and the content to be downloaded from the website. You can also share a screenshot of the webpage.

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