Android doesn’t have a feature iOS had since 2007


Finally Android will have native support for visual voicemail. Android M, the following major arrival of Google’s portable OS, will be the first form to offer implicit visual voicemail, according to Google. The feature helpfully records your voicemails in an application so you can listen to or erase them. In Android M, the visual voicemail menu will be open from a tab inside the dialer application.

Voicemail is coming to Android with 8 years delay

Native visual voicemail has existed in the iPhone’s Phone application since the time that the original model dispatched in 2007 only on AT&T. For Android, transporters have brought to the table individually made visual voicemail applications which in some cases could cost additional. Be that as it may, now Google is asking bearers to support the upcoming Android M’s visual voicemail instead. Just T-Mobile and the French cell supplier Orange have bounced on the temporary fad in this way. Thankfully, kindred cell networks have months to plan for the arrival of Android M’s visual voicemail.

Android M, which was revealed at Google’s I/O engineer gathering, will probably be discharged in September of this current year. Close by various bug fixes, Android M will be furnished with a memory manager, simplified application consents, a web program more akin to Chrome, a NFC-empowered installment application called Android Pay, a fingerprint peruser framework and a power saver named Doze.

We’re well on our way into checking out the majority of the goodies the second Android M engineer preview brings to the table, thus far truly a couple of notable features are available in the overhaul. Google has (re)revamped the application drawer, given us the capacity to alter what appears in the status bar, and a great deal more.

You can find the greater part of the progressions exhibit in both Android M previews , which I definitely suggest you do if you’re interested in checking out what might make it into the following rendition of Android. Additionally, if you happen to claim a Nexus 5, 6 or 9, you can download the most up to date dev preview .

The Preview 2 build of Android M introduces a convenient little feature that will presumably make a large portion of our lives much less demanding. Smartphones are extraordinary at doing a ton of things, but at the same time they’re truly terrible at doing a few things. The way things are presently, listening to a voicemail on your Android gadget can be truly annoying. You have to call your voicemail, listen to the prompts, listen to the voicemail message, in all probability erase it, then go about your day. The second Android M dev preview expects to make this procedure less demanding through the dialer application.

Visual voicemail, a convenient feature that has been accessible through Google Voice and outsider applications for eventually, now has its own tab in the new preview. The tab is situated on the right half of the dialer application. You’ll have the capacity to see a rundown of your voicemails, each isolated by individual cards. Expanding every card will give you play, interruption, volume and waste symbols, and also shortcuts that can be utilized for texting or calling that individual back immediately.

Well at least after 8 years even Android users got the taste of “the iOS user experience”

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