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Experiencing a shadow ban in Call of Duty has become increasingly common, as the game continues to evolve with new updates and policies. As a result, many players have expressed that they were shadow banned without any reason. In this article, we will go into the causes behind these shadow bans and give a quick guide on how to get unbanned from the game.

What is the Shadow Ban?

Shadow Ban
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The shadow ban is a technique used by most companies that consist of hiding or preventing access to a certain platform. The main issue regarding this matter is that this is often without the knowledge of the individual, in practice is very vague and lacks transparency from the platform. This is often the case in social media platforms and games, players suspected of cheating will get banned without any notice and might or not get their accounts back to normal.

Reasons Why You Might Get Shadow Ban in Call of Duty

Why You Might Get Shadow Ban
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There are many underlying reasons why your account might get shadow banned, in this post, we will only focus on the main ones as there might be some specific situations that might lead to getting banned from the platform.

Players have Reported your Account

It can be alarming to receive reports regarding your account. This frequently occurs in Call of Duty when other players suspect you of hacking, cheating, or acting inappropriately. Don’t worry if you are innocent; the activision support team will look into the reports before taking any further action. However, if you are discovered to be acting improperly, be ready to deal with the repercussions, which may include temporary or permanent bans.

Cheating and Hacking

In Call of Duty, cheaters and hackers are major problems, especially among PC players. The integrity of the game is compromised by dishonest tactics like aimbots, wallhacks, and other exploits that give cheaters an unfair advantage. In order to preserve a fair and pleasurable gaming environment, players have the option to report other users if they are doing an infraction.

Inappropriate Behavior in the Lobby

Players should be able to have a pleasant experience among other players. However, some people behave improperly by using insulting language, bullying others, or spewing hate speech. The community suffers as a result of this toxic behavior, which is also punishable by being muted or banned from the game.

Account Reselling

Account resale is the practice of gamers selling their powerful or laden with uncommon items accounts to other players, frequently for actual money. The account may be permanently banned for violating Call of Duty’s terms of service. Gamers are advised to acquire their rankings and stuff lawfully to avoid harming their gaming experience and avoid having an unfair advantage compared to other players.

Shadow Banned in Warzone 2?

Shadow Banned in Warzone 2
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Due to the game’s immense popularity, there is a higher chance of running into shadow bans as a result of the influx of new players. As more people actively look for exploits, even common players could unintentionally get banned by simply being in the same lobby as a hacker. 

Is the Penalty the Same in all Activision Games?

Yes, getting shadow banned will likely result in not being able to connect to lobbies or simply access the server at all. In some instances, the shadow ban will be lifted after a few hours, but in most cases, you will need to appeal this decision to clear your account and be able to play once again.

Ban Appeal on Account Penalty

Ban Appeal
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We know it can frustrating to get banned from the game, especially when you are having a good time and you have done nothing wrong. As we have discussed before, this practice is highly criticized as users don’t get a reason why this is happening most of the time and also don’t know how long this ban will stay on the system. Luckily, there are new resources and tools such as which can help you submit an appeal in only a few steps.

What Do I Need to Submit My Appeal?

All you need to submit your appeal is to provide your name, email, and username used on the game. If you have this information, you are all set to start the appeal process, please follow the next steps:

  • Select the platform you which to appeal
  • Click on the “Unban me now” Button
  • Fill out the information (Make sure it is correct)
  • Write a short description of why you got shadowbanned 
  • Select the option that fits your predicament 
  • Submit your request and follow the steps on the website.

At this point, a document will be generated and sent automatically to the support team in activision, any updates and notifications will be forwarded to your email. Once your account is fixed, we will notify you and you will be able to fully enjoy the game.

Can I get Banned for having a High Ping?

High Ping
All you need to know about Call of Duty Shadow Ban 10

While experiencing a high ping will likely impact your gaming experience, it is unlikely that it will result in a shadow ban. In most cases, high ping can lead to being temporarily disconnected or kicked out of the game session. However, if your internet connection improves, you should be able to rejoin and resume playing without any consequences on your account.

How Long does a Call of Duty Shadow Ban Last?

It is uncertain as every situation it’s different, for the most part, users suspected of cheating might get shadow banned for a longer period compared to the ones exhibiting bad behavior on the lobbies. Another factor that will alter the time has to do with previous bans.

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