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Motorcycle helmets are a must for everyday use. Wearing protective gear can only lessen the chances of severe injury and can save lives. While many assume that riding experience effects wearing a helmet, it does not. Protective head gear is crucial because accidents while riding are unpredictable.

The Different Kinds Of Motorcycle Helmets

Safety is essential, and wearing a helmet to ride a motorcycle is the first step. Wearing the correct motorcyclegear is the next. There are different types of helmets for different occasions. Many helmets offer various features that may suit one individual versus another. Here are some factors to consider when choosing the right helmet.


Safety is paramount when it comes to the structure of the motorcyclehelmet. If a helmet isn’t built according to the Federal Government’s Department of Transportation or DOT, there is no use for it. It shouldn’t be considered wearable because DOT sets the standards for the proper helmet dynamics. With this being considered, a helmet that just meets these standardsshouldn’t be wearable either. The non-profit organization, SNELL, sets standards that provide the most protection for riders.


It is central to use a helmet that fits you the best. You will be wearing it every time you ride, and you don’t want an uncomfortable helmet to be a distraction. It doesn’t matter if a helmet fits your style or has extra features, if it is not comfortable, you shouldn’t wear it. When wearing a helmet, it needs to fit tightly. It has to be tight fitting because of the protection it offers when on. Comfort plays a significant role because of the tight nature of a helmets fit. If you find yourself getting neck strain or headaches, the helmet isn’t right for you.


Many bikers strive for stylish helmets, and that is great, but if it weighs too much, it can cause pain. Extra features on a helmet like latches, visors, and hinges can cause extra weight. Technology is getting better to create lighter helmets for riders. A heavy helmet only helps to cause back and neck problems. Headaches can also occur. Some users can also suffer injuries.

Motorcycle Helmet
A Modern Motorcycle Helmet

The Basic Types Of Helmets

There are different helmet types that can protect you when they follow all of the safety requirements for riders.

– The Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet

This helmet style covers the head and face and is considered the mostprotective helmet. The helmet usually covers the head, and most of the face and a view port allows for visuals. There is usually a clear visor that covers the view port to protect against winds while riding. It can also block out other elements such as rain and dust. The helmet comes with a chinstrap for added support and can be built with vents in the chin for colder weather.Since these helmets cover most of the head, they are thought to give the rider the most protection. These helmets are the heaviest types of headgear. Thereare lighter full-face helmets for those who dirt bike. Dirt bike helmets feature extensive shade over the view port. They are made to be worn with protective googles. Users can experience neck strain due to the wind, and it can be difficult to communicate. These helmets are usually worn by those who ride cafe racers sport this type of helmet.

– Modular Motorcylce Helemt

The modular helmet is similar to a full-face helmet and a three-quarter helmet. The build features the shape of a three-quarter helmet and has a face gaurd that can flip up whenever the user wants. It is like a combination design and offers some convienience. The disadvantage that it has becasue of the convienience of the face gaurd is added weight. This is the helmet with extra features such as hinges and latches so it has the extra weight. This helmet also doesn’t protect well against the elelments. Comunication devices can be used in this helmet and it is also easier to communicate with the helmet design manually.

– The Half-Shell Motorcycle Helmet

The half shell helmet covers the top half of the head. It is considered the least obstructive headgear, and it weighs less than other types of motorcycle head protection. Due to their design, they do not protect much against the wind, but they do not block the ears. Another important note to consider is the fact that they offer the least amount of protection against injuries. These helmets are typically worn by those who ride Softtails, Harley Davidson, Sportster, and older bikes.

– Three Quarter-Shell Motorcycle Helmet

This helmet type does not cover the face but mimics the design of a full-face covering headgear. There is usually a chin strap that helps to keep the helmet in place. It covers the ears, and the chin strap can come equipped with a chin cup. The benefit of this helmet is that it offers similar protection to the full face helmet. In many cases, law enforcement wears this helmet type because it does not obstruct vision when taking it off. Also, users can still communicate while wearing it, more advanced helmets can have headsets installed. These helmets are worn on bigger bikes such as a Harley Davidson.

The Best Motorcycle Helmet
The Best Motorcycle Helmet


The right time to wear a helmet is when you are on your motorcycle. Wearing a helmet is essential to safer riding, but it has been proven that helmets do not offer the most protection against impact or a fall. A rider should be skilled, take the proper course of riding and ride safely to avoid serious injury.

All of these helmet types protects you in different ways and offers various advantages. The safety standards of a helmet depends on what guidlines it was made under. Regulted helmets should feature a sticker and the proper helmet should be worn for the best safety. Motorcyle helmets can be stylish and most SNELL helmets are. It is always central to remeber that safety and comfort rank higher than style because it is all about how the helmet protects.

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