How to make fake Facebook Messages


How to make fake Facebook Messages with the Fake Messenger app? Everyone loves to prank a friend to make them look like a chump. People pranks their best friends regularly. It is a great way to show them loyalty, and that you are always thinking about their lives.


However, some friends are not used to pranks, and they get pissed off by you after fooling them. It is possible to use Facebook Messenger on Android phones to make a fool out of a friend. There are numerous applications on Google Play Store you can download to chump your friends with fake message chats.

How to make fake facebook messages: Fake messenger app


One of the commonly used apps is named Yazzy, and the application is simple and easy to use. It is also possible to create fake WhatsApp chats, fake Facebook status, fake Android text messages, fake hangout chats, and even fake Tweets. In this article, we will show you how you can fool your best friends through creating fake Facebook messenger chats. The procedure is similar to several other accounts. We will use Yazzy application.

How to use a fake messenger app?

Yazzy How to make fake Facebook Messages

First, get Yazzy app from Google Play Store. Then install the application on your Android device. After installing, open the application and tap on the top left corner to obtain more settings options.

How to make fake Facebook Messages with Yazzy
  • Secondly, open the settings module. Here, ensure that the include watermark box is unchecked. This is because no one loves to see the watermark.
  • After performing this, go back to the first page and click on the messenger option button. On this page, add the image of the friend you want, also add the friend’s name.
  • After that, swipe to access messages. In the messages, add a particular message that you want to send to your friend. Then ensure that you tap on the left plus button.
  • Also, add a message from your side. It is also possible to add another message recipient here.
  • Afterward, tap on the right + button. This is the simple process that one can use to make a fake conversation.
  • After making the conversations, tap on the Next button located on the first right of the screen.
  • Lastly, tap on the refresh button to show how your fake conversation looks like.
How to make fake Facebook Messages Step 3

If the discussion is awesome, save it, otherwise, rewrite the chats again. There is also another app named Fake Prank for Facebook Messenger. The app is not related to Facebook in any way, and it is a third-party application. It is primarily used for entertainment purposes. The application allows a user to generate a fake Facebook messenger conversation to stun their best friends. The app is so real that a recipient cannot tell that the conversation was fake.


In conclusion, you can use the above applications to generate fake Facebook chats. Another thing to note is that the above apps are used for fun purposes only. Make sure you adore the app with your friends and family. Make them a chump with the applications.

However, do not use the application to hurt the feelings of your friends or cause any harm to them. Also, ensure that you share this article with your buddies. If you share widely, we will create more fun. You can also comment on the article or subscribe with us to get regular updates.

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