How to fix Galaxy S6 not recognizing fingerprint


Reviews for the Samsung Galaxy S6 have been overwhelmingly positive so far. Still, Samsung’s latest flagship smartphone is not without its glitches. Several users have reported the Galaxy S6 fingerprint not working for them. Here are some issues users have reported, plus a few options for fixing the issues.

What’s Going Wrong with the Fingerprint Scanner?

Many users have run into trouble with the fingerprint scanner’s recognition capacity. Instead of validating a saved fingerprint, the scanner instead asks for a backup password. Unfortunately, the system doesn’t recognize the password, and it does not accept attempts to reset the password. Even when the fingerprint scanner does work as expected, the smartphone sometimes opens an app at random. This seems to have nothing to do with settings being changed in the phone. Opening random apps isn’t just annoying. It can have unintended consequences on data use, accidentally start other processes and more.  According to reports online, a software bug seems to be at fault. Developers are working on updates to resolve the bugs, but Samsung has not yet announced a timeline for the release.

Are you having issues with your Galaxy S6 fingerprint scanner not working? Before you decide to return your smartphone (or throw it across the room in frustration), try these solutions.

Use a password you remember.

Before you blame the smartphone, make sure you remember the backup password you create for the fingerprint scanner. That way, you can eliminate user error from the list of possible problems.

Be persistent.

You know you are entering the correct backup password because you created one you know you can remember. If the system doesn’t accept that password, keep trying. Sometimes, the system has to reject the password up to 10 times beore it asks you to sign in with your Google account instead. Once you log in with Google, reset your password for the fingerprint scanner.

Use Samsung’s Find My Mobile tool.

If signing in with Google doesn’t get you into your phone, use another device, such as a laptop or tablet, to go to the Find My Mobile tool from Samsung at Log into your Samsung account, then click Locate My Device. Once the system finds your S6, the menu on the left will show a new item called, “Unlock My Screen.” Choose that. When your phone unlocks, reset the fingerprint scanner using the steps above.

Resolve the random apps problem.

Some third-party launchers, especially Nova Launcher Beta, are causing issues with random apps launching after you use the fingerprint scanner. If you have one of those launchers installed, try another launcher instead. If the issue persists, go back to TouchWiz (the default launcher that came with your phone) or try another launcher.

Go back to PIN or pattern security.

Yes, the fingerprint scanner is a cool security feature. But, getting into your phone when you need it is even cooler. If you try all the issues above and still experience issues, disable the fingerprint scanner until Samsung releases a patch to fix the issue. You can still use the PIN or pattern security you’re used to from previous smartphones.

Last Solution

If all this doesn’t work, throw it away and buy an iPhone

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