The Cost of iPhone 12 Back Glass Replacement May Surprise You

One of the most well-known smartphones on the market right now is the iPhone 12 which is renowned for its sophisticated technology and svelte appearance. However, a shattered rear glass is a frequent problem that many iPhone 12 users have. Given that Apple’s warranty does not cover the back glass, this can be an irritating and expensive issue. We will examine some of the most frequent causes of cracked back glass on the iPhone 12 in this introduction so that you may take precautions to avoid or reduce the possibility of damage. Knowing what causes shattered back glass, whether from unintentional drops, rough handling, or other causes, is the first step in safeguarding your smartphone.

iPhone 12 Back Glass is Very Fragile

iPhone 12 Back Glass

The back glass of the iPhone 12 is often recognized as being extremely brittle, indicating that it is likely to crack or break quickly. This could happen as a result of a minor impact, such as a bump or drop, on the phone. Because the glass is such an important part of the phone’s design, even a tiny crack can change how the gadget looks overall and, in some circumstances, even how it works. Owners of the iPhone 12 should be very cautious while handling their handset and think about buying a case or protective cover to help lower the likelihood of breaking the back glass. Additionally, if the back glass of your iPhone 12 is broken, it is always advised to seek professional repair services because attempting to fix the issue yourself could result in significant harm to the device.

The Cost of iPhone 12 Back Glass Replacement

Elements that Affect the Price of iPhone 12

The cost of fixing the back glass on an iPhone 12 might vary based on a number of variables, such as the severity of the damage, the type of repair needed, and the location of the repair. Let’s examine the elements that affect the price of an iPhone 12 rear glass replacement in more detail.

  1. Damage severity: The cost of the repair will be significantly influenced by the degree of damage to an iPhone 12’s rear glass. It could be possible to have the glass polished for a reasonable price if the damage is restricted to a minor scratch. The glass will likely need to be completely replaced if the damage is more severe and it is cracked or shattered, which can be very costly.
  2. Type of repair: The price of replacing the back glass on an iPhone 12 depends on the type of repair being done. If you choose to do the repair yourself, you might be able to save money, but it might also be more challenging and time-consuming. On the other hand, hiring a professional repair business to handle the work can be more expensive, but the work will probably be of superior quality.
  3. Location: The cost of replacing the back glass on an iPhone 12 can also depend on where the repair is being done. Due to the increased cost of living there, the cost may be higher if the repair is being done in a big city. On the other side, the cost can be reduced if the repair is being done in a smaller, rural location.
  4. Type of replacement glass: The choice of replacement glass can affect how much it costs to repair the back glass on an iPhone 12. When choosing a repair option for damaged glass, it is crucial to keep in mind that certain replacement glass solutions are more expensive than others. For instance, a high-quality, tempered glass replacement glass might cost more than a regular plastic replacement glass, but it might also be more robust and resistant to further damage.

Comparing the Cost to the iPhone 12’s Price

The price of a back glass replacement may appear high when compared to the price of an iPhone 12, especially if you choose to have a professional repair done. However, it is crucial to take into account the total cost of ownership for the iPhone 12, which includes not only the cost of the initial purchase but also any maintenance or repair expenses that might be necessary over the course of the device’s lifetime. In the long run, for many people, investing in a high-quality repair solution can be more cost-effective because it can assist to increase the device’s lifespan and lessen the need for subsequent repairs.

Is it Important to Change the Glass? What are the Risks?

It’s crucial to realize that the iPhone 12’s back glass performs a crucial duty. It shields the device’s internal parts from harm, such as dust, dirt, and other foreign objects that could harm the electronics. The back glass also offers a smooth, sleek surface that improves the device’s aesthetic appeal.

Importance of Changing the Back Glass

But the iPhone 12’s rear glass is also one of its weakest components. It is easily cracked or scratched, and if either of these things happens, the item not only looks ugly but also becomes more susceptible to further harm. Additionally, the back glass has the potential to break away, which might result in issues or possibly the device ceasing to function.

Protection from Dust and Dirt: The fact that the iPhone 12’s back glass is a crucial component of the phone and its effective operation highlights the significance of doing so. Damage to the back glass may affect the device’s functionality and make it more challenging to operate. A broken rear glass can also increase the risk of further harm because it won’t be shielded from debris like dirt and dust that could harm the device more.

Aesthetic Reasons: Aesthetic considerations are a significant additional justification for replacing the iPhone 12’s rear glass. A cracked rear glass might make the item appear unattractive, which can reduce its appeal and total worth. If the appearance of your device is important to you, you should think about replacing the rear glass if it gets cracked.

Malfunction: It’s crucial to be aware of the risks involved with replacing the back glass of the iPhone 12, even if it could appear like a simple and straightforward process. One of the major dangers is that the replacement rear glass might not work with the gadget; as a result, the device might experience problems or stop functioning completely. Furthermore, if the back glass is not placed correctly, it may fall free and cause additional harm to the device.

Device’s Warranty: Changing the iPhone 12’s back glass carries the additional danger of potentially nullifying the device’s warranty. This is so because the warranty usually only applies to the gadget’s original components, and removing the back glass can be viewed as making an unlawful change to the equipment.

Alternatives to Professional Repair

There are a few choices you can take into consideration if you’re seeking for an alternative to hiring a professional to fix the back glass of your iPhone 12. The safest and most dependable way to fix a cracked back glass is with expert repair, but it may also be costly and time-consuming. Here are a couple substitutions you might find helpful:

DIY Back Glass Repair for the iPhone 12

DIY Back Glass Repair

The act of repairing an item yourself, without the assistance of a professional, is known as DIY repair. For individuals who want to cut costs and are confident in their capacity to fix their gadget, this alternative may be interesting.

Advantages of DIY Repair

  • Cost-effective: Fixing a gadget yourself can sometimes be far less expensive than hiring a professional to do it for you, which is one of the key benefits of DIY repair. This is so that you only spend money on the parts you actually need and not on labor.
  • Convenience: Making your own repairs at home or in another place of your choosing can make them more convenient. This implies that visiting a repair shop doesn’t require making an appointment or taking time off from work.
  • Self-satisfaction: Fixing your own equipment also gives you a sense of self-satisfaction. This may be particularly true if you are able to repair the gadget yourself without having to hire a professional.

Disadvantages of DIY Repair

  • Level of difficulty: If you are not familiar with fixing electronic gadgets, DIY repair can be challenging and time-consuming. As a result, you can find up investing more time and effort than you had planned.
  • Danger of more harm: If you have no prior experience fixing electronic devices, you run the risk of doing more harm than good. This can necessitate more repairs or make the equipment useless altogether.
  • Lack of warranty coverage: When you make a DIY repair, the device’s warranty is nullified. This implies that you won’t be able to rely on the manufacturer’s guarantee for repairs if the gadget breaks again.

Independent Repair Services

Repair services offered by a third party are those that are not offered by the device’s manufacturer. Instead, independent repair shops offer these services.

Advantages of Repair Services

  • Expertise: Technicians with experience who are knowledgeable and skilled enough to fix the equipment correctly typically provide third-party repair services. As a result, you can be sure that the repair will be completed accurately and the gadget will be fixed quickly.
  • Protection under warranty: Frequently, using third-party repair services does not void the product’s warranty from the manufacturer. This implies that you will still be covered by the warranty if the equipment breaks again.
  • Cost-effective: In some cases, using third-party repair services is less expensive than having the gadget repaired by the manufacturer. This is due to the fact that independent repair businesses frequently have access to replacement parts at lower prices and do not incur the same overhead expenses as the manufacturer.

Disadvantages of Repair Services

  • Repair quality: There is a chance that the repair won’t be up to the same grade as one made by the manufacturer. This indicates that there is a potential that the repair won’t hold up as well or won’t be done with the same level of precision.
  • Lack of standardization: When using third-party repair services, the quality of the repair is not standardized. This implies that when you take your gadget to an independent repair shop, it may be challenging to know what you are getting.

The Importance of Using Genuine Parts

The longevity and proper operation of your iPhone depend on the use of genuine components. Using authentic parts while repairing your equipment ensures that the work is completed in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications and is of the same high caliber and dependability as the original components.

Using an authentic iPhone back glass, for instance, will guarantee that the glass is created using the same components and under the same quality control standards as the original. This helps to avoid problems like cracks, chips, and other kinds of damage that might happen with low-quality components.

Using genuine components also guarantees that other aspects of your device, including the camera, battery, and other sensors, will continue to function with no issues. By doing this, compatibility problems and other malfunctions that may arise when utilizing non-original parts are reduced.

Additionally, purchasing genuine components helps support keeping your device’s warranty active. The manufacturer may revoke the warranty if a repair is made with non-original components, leaving you defenseless in the event that your equipment develops new issues.

Factors to Consider before Deciding on a Repair Option

Aspects to Consider Prior to Choosing a Repair Approach

Choosing a repair option can be difficult because it requires balancing many considerations including cost, time, and quality. Before selecting a repair solution, take into account the following:

Warranty and Insurance Coverage

A 90-day complimentary trial of technical support is included with the one-year limited warranty for the iPhone 12. This warranty covers both manufacturer’s flaws and problems that develop from using the product as intended. However, it excludes coverage for any harm brought on by unintentional drops, spills, or other physical harm to the device, including damage to the rear glass.

In such circumstances, you might want to think about getting an AppleCare+ package. This plan includes accidental damage insurance and extends coverage for up to two years from the date of your iPhone’s original purchase. If your back glass is cracked or shattered, AppleCare+ will pay a small charge to fix it. But it’s crucial to remember that AppleCare+ has its own terms and conditions, so you should carefully review them before choosing.

If you don’t have AppleCare+ coverage, you can still get the back glass of your iPhone 12 fixed. Depending on the extent of the damage, the cost of repair is typically much higher than the cost of acquiring AppleCare+. It’s possible that some third-party repair businesses will provide fixes for less money, but it’s crucial to remember that these repairs may completely void your warranty and are not covered by the iPhone’s limited guarantee.

Personal Skills and Experience

Consider doing the iPhone 12’s back glass repair yourself if you are handy and have expertise fixing electronics. Online guides and videos abound, and they can help you through the repair procedure. It is crucial to keep in mind that replacing the rear glass on an iPhone can be a challenging task that calls for a particular level of technical expertise and experience. It is better to leave the back glass repair to a professional if you are unsure of your abilities to do so.

Time Restrictions

The best course of action may be to bring your iPhone 12 to an Apple Store or an authorized repair facility if you need the rear glass fixed fast and are in a panic. The time it takes to complete these repairs depends on the extent of the damage and the accessibility of replacement parts, however wait times can vary.

It will probably take you longer to finish the back glass repair if you decide to do it yourself because you will need to buy the new parts and carefully follow the repair instructions.

Accessibility and Convenience

Going to an Apple Store or other approved repair facility with your iPhone 12 may be your best bet if convenience is important to you. You won’t need to worry about getting replacement components or attempting a difficult repair yourself because these fixes may be done swiftly and efficiently.

On the other hand, if you’re searching for a more affordable option, you may think about fixing the back glass by yourself or transporting it to a different repair facility. It is crucial to keep in mind that certain fixes might not be as convenient, and that they might take more time to complete. You will also need to spend some time looking around for a dependable repair facility and buying the required replacement parts.


The back glass of the iPhone 12 is a delicate part that can easily broken. To minimize further damage, you might use a protective case, keep it away from hard surfaces, and handle it carefully. There are numerous alternatives available for fixing the back glass, including DIY kits, expert repair services, and replacing the entire device. The cost, the level of skill needed, and the warranty coverage should all be considered before making a choice. The greatest repair choice will ultimately depend on your individual requirements and tastes. To ensure that you choose the best option for you and your device, it is crucial to carefully weigh all of your alternatives before making a choice.

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