How To Reset Your iCloud Password From Your iPhone (Step by Step)

In this step by step guide I will show you how to reset your iCloud password directly from your iPhone

Recovery Email to Restore Your Account

To use this option, begin by launching your Safari web browser and logging on to When you get to the website, select the “Enter Your Apple ID” option, then “Password Reset Options.” From there, select the “Reset by Mail” option to enable your password to be changed via email. Check your email and follow all of the necessary directions that are listed in it in order to successfully reset your iCloud password.

The Secret Questions

When you correctly answer the secret questions that you’ve set up for your account, you will also be able to successfully reset your iCloud password as well. To begin, launch your Safari browser and go to When you reach the website, select “Enter Your Apple ID.” Once you enter this, click on “Next”; however, if you’re unable to access the ID, select the “Answer Security Questions” option. You will then need to verify your date of birth before you can go any further. Once you successfully answer all of the questions, select “Next,” then reset your password to whatever you wish.

The Two-Step Verification

To utilize this option, launch Safari and go to Click on the “Enter Your Apple ID” option. Once you enter your ID, click on “Next,” then enter the recovery key that has been provided to you by Apple, Inc. (for the verification of your Apple device). Using your device, verify your identity and select “Next.” From there, enter the verification code that you’ve been given, then select “Next” again before choosing a new password.

In the event that none of the aforementioned steps work, you will need to create an entirely new iCloud account for yourself from scratch.

Creating a New iCloud Account

To do this, go to your Settings, then iCloud, then “Get a Free Apple ID.” From there, you will be asked to enter your birthdate before selecting “Next.” Then, you will need to verify that you wish to create a new iCloud account before selecting “Next” again. If you have created a new iCloud email, be sure to select all of the details on the page before selecting “Next” then “Create.” If you are using your current email address, however, you will need to check it and confirm that that is your actual email address. Then, you will need to select a password that is alphanumeric in nature, which will make it difficult for hackers to guess.

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