TMobile Unlock Phone? How to request your Unlocking

With a large portion of the US market and other countries, t-mobile is one of the most popular carriers in the world thanks to the large infrastructure. As it is common with this large companies, they follow a regular practice where they lock their devices to keep customers locked into their network. On this post we will cover this topic and get a Tmobile unlock phone.

What is the T-mobile network?

The T-mobile network was first established in Germany becoming one of the largest carriers in the European country. The company expanded into other European nations before coming to the USA. As of today, T-mobile holds the second largest customer share in the country with almost 100 million subscribers across all states and overseas US territories.

Why do they lock their devices?

This is not a practiced only made by T-mobile, locking the devices into a single network has been a common tradition with most carriers around the world. This is possible with the partnership of phone manufacturers where they lock their devices only to be used in an specific network.

The main and most common reason why carriers lock their devices it’s to offer better deals to customers offering lower prices on devices. This allow the carrier to make sure the user can only use that network at least for the length of the contract. In fact this is a win-win situation if it wasn’t because they make it extremely difficult to unlock them once everything it’s paid off.

Benefits of unlocking your device

Best benefits of unlocking your phone
Best benefits of unlocking your phone

There are many reasons why unlocking your device to be used on any mobile network can be beneficial. We will briefly cover the main points and give you an overview on why you should unlock your phone from your current provider.

Use any carrier

The most obvious reason to remove the carrier lock is the freedom that it gives you as you will be allowed to use any carrier around the world. With new regulation and virtual providers, new carriers are arriving to the market with a wide range of options and deals that you can take advantage if you are free from the t-mobile’s network.

Higher retail value

Once you have implemented the unlock code on your device, the phone will be ready to be used on any network of your choice. The main benefit about this is that there will be a greater market as anyone will be able to purchase it.

Often cellphones with the carrier lock will sell at a discount as this limitation will be seen a a bit disadvantage to the buyer. Doing a permanent unlock will save you this problem and allow you to earn some extra money.

Travel freely using a sim card abroad

Last but not least, we have the possibility to take our device abroad and use any mobile networks that we want as our device will have no restrictions. This will likely save you a lot of money if you travel abroad as roaming fees are often hardly affordable for most customers.

How to unlock your T-mobile phone?

Unlock T-Mobile Phone
Unlock T-Mobile Phone

If you want you mobile device unlock directly by T-mobile, there are certain things you need to proof for the unlocking process and some steps to considers wheter it’s and android phone or and iPhone.

Unlock eligibility requirements

To be eligible to unlock your device and get your phone unlocked, there are certain rules you must follow:

  • Proof of purchase (Receipt or bill)
  • Clean phone’s status
  • Be in good standing on your T-mobile account
  • You must have finished your T-mobile plan contract

Be aware that this is only the common things you might be ask the T-mobile might request proof that you are the legitimate owner to be eligible for the T-mobile unlock.

Direct Unlock with T-mobile

Once you got all the proof, you can go directly to the T-mobile store and ask for the unlocking of your device. We are aware it is possible to get a remotely unlock but this will often lead to a higher waiting time, do not use the T-mobile app as this will even slower.

After submitting all your proof you, they will take care of the device unlocking and you should get an unlocked phone within a few days. If there is any problem, you will be contacted to submit the extra information needed or else.

Ineligibility for unlocking?

Explore your options
Explore your options

If you are ineligible for the unlocking, we will quickly explain why and how you might get by to get any mobile devices unlocked from the T-mobile network. This will vary and it’s not guaranteed, if you are in need for an unlock, we recommend to use the tool explain on the bottom of this article.

Outstanding balance

This is very self explanatory, if you have any outstanding balance with T-mobile you will not be granted the benefit of unlocking your device. The simple way to solve this issue it’s to pay off the debt and wait a few business days to get a confirmation letter. Once everything is cleared out, all you need to do it’s to go to a T-mobile store and request the unlock code.

IMEI Blacklist

This is a harder case and might require a few extra steps, we will cover this topic on a future article. On the meantime we will leave you with an unlocking tool that allows you to remove phone from the blacklist.

Other Locks

There are other reasons why your device can’t be used on any network. These reasons may vary but are often linked to internal locks such as the iClod Unlock or the FRP lock. There are other restrictions such as the type of networks your device is able to connect but that is out of our reach and has to do with the manufacturer.

Is there a device unlock app?

Remove the carrier lock Online
Remove the carrier lock Online

If you have no means of contacting T-mobile or meeting the requirements given by them, we fully recommend to use an Online unlocking service. We tried multiple services from software to online apps and we despite the different advantages and disadvantage, we found that SafeUnlocks provides the easiest service with an easy to use Online app.

Network unlock T-mobile device Online

If you want to use this method, we have great news for you, all you need for the unlocking is a mobile device with a browser and the IMEI of your device. We will briefly explain all the steps you need to follow to remove the carrier lock.

Enter the unlocking App

To avoid any inconveniences, press on the bottom below to access to official tool. Make sure to have a few minutes of your time as this process could take anywhere from 5 minutes up to an hour.

Tmobile phone unlock
Enter the official App from your browser

Enter the device’s information

Once you enter the Online app, you will be asked to provide some information to start the unlocking process:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Device model (Android devices and iOS devices allowed)
  • IMEI
Make sure to double check all your information
Make sure to double check all your information

Activate your order

To prevent any unwanted or bulk request to the server, you will be asked to activate your order by obtaining a code. Further instructions will be provided on the page, we fully recommend to watch their tutorials to avoid any delays.

You will receive an email in which you will get a code that needs to be entered on the order page. Once the order is activated, it is only a matter of minutes in most cases until your phone is unlocked.

Best network unlock app
Follow all instructions on the page

Enjoy a permanent unlock

If everything goes correctly and the information submitted to the server was correct, you will receive an email confirming your unlocking process. All it takes from this point it’s to try it using another sim card.

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