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Having a blacklisted phone is probably one of the most frustrating situation you could ever be. There are many reasons why you ended up with a blacklisted phone, on this article we will quickly explain how this technology works, how it is applied and how to remove it. This information is universal regardless of your country, carrier or device you are currently using.

What is the blacklist?

What is the blacklist?
What is the blacklist?

The blacklist is a method introduced by carriers and law enforcement to prevent the usage of device reported lost, stolen or that own some money to the companies. Most carriers in western countries share this common database to prevent the usage of the phone within their networks.

How does it work?

Thanks to the IMEI number (International mobile equipment identity), carriers are able to block the device’s IMEI and create a report that it’s commonly shared among carriers that lets them know that the device has an issue.

Every manufacturer is required by law to provide an IMEI before selling the product, this allows carriers to gather the device’s information once a Sim card is introduced. In most cases, the registration is done automatically as your chip is likely to be connected to some form of ID.

Can a blacklisted phone be used overseas?

Unfortunately, carriers are free to choose if they want to share this data and access this open source database. This is not ideal as a blacklisted IMEI can be used in a jurisdictions that does not use it. That’s why you often hear cases that blacklisted devices are sold overseas and they can operate under other network provider.

Is it possible to unlock a mobile phone from the blacklist?

Is it possible to remove your phone from the blacklist
Is it possible to remove it?

Yes, there are several ways on how you can remove the blacklist on your phone. It will all depend on your specific situation, that’s why we are going to talk about the two most common methods. You can either request a blacklist removal by your carrier or use a third party service is the first option does not fit your needs.

How to identify if my device is blacklisted?

First all of, it is important to double check if your device is in fact blacklisted. There are multiple tools you can use that are completely free to use like IMEI24. We recommend checking at least 2 websites to conclude that your device it’s in fact blacklisted.

It is crucial to check that you have a blacklisted phone before proceeding with any blacklist removal services as sometimes you might be dealing with a network lock or something else. This is great way to troubleshoot that causing the problem and choose the service that ideal for your issue such as iCloud lock removal.

Unlock a blacklisted device with your carrier

Direct unlock with your carrier
Direct unlock with your carrier

If your device was blacklisted and you are the original owner, there’s a high chance that you can request an unlock code by your carrier. This process might require gathering some information but it is worth it if you manage to do it as this is by far the safest way to do it.

Requirements needed

In case you decide to follow this path, there are some general requirements you need to meet before requesting the unlocking of the device:

  • Proof of ownership (Receipt)
  • ID (Must have full name, birthday and picture)
  • Good standing with the phone company

These are some general requirements that most carrier will likely ask. However, keep in mind that you might be asked for some extra information before they can submit your request. We recommend you to contact your provider directly or go to a store.

What if I have unpaid bills?

If you device was blacklisted due to unpaid bills, the process it’s very simple but might take some time. This might sound obvious, but the first thing you need to do it’s to pay the outstanding balance. After paying off the debt, you will need to obtain a letter of good standing with the carrier, this might take some time as some payment processors can take longer than others.

Is it hard to do?

Depends, this process might get tedious based on your carrier. At the end of the day, they are the only ones able to remove your phone from the blacklist and you must meet the criteria if you want an unlock by them. Nevertheless, we fully recommend to use this method if you feel that you meet all the requirements as this will be a permanent unlock.

IMEI blacklist removal tool

Supposing that the previous method is not the correct service for you, we have tried an Online IMEI cleaning service by SafeUnlocks that anyone can access to unlock their device. This bad IMEI cleaning service works on any Android phone as well as iOS devices.

What do I need?

Before you start the process, we recommend that you have your device fully charged as you will need throughout the process. Besides you mobile phone, you will need a browser and an Internet connection. Make sure to read all the instructions as this will prevent any delays on the service.

Submit your application

To get started, you will need to access the official unlock app to begin. Don’t worry, there’s a button below so you can directly access the service. Once you are on the app, you will be asked to enter the following information:

  • Name
  • Email (you will receive all information on it)
  • Device model
  • IMEI number (Dial *#06* to obtain it)

That’s all you need to enter to start the unlocking process, it is really simple and anyone can gather this information in a matter of minutes.

Enter all the required information
Enter all the required information

Verify and start your order

To start the unlocking, you will be required to register and enter a code on the platform to activate the unlock process. We emailed the service and they told us that this method was recently introduced as a way to prevent commercial use and to avoid duplicate orders.

Make sure to watch the tutorial
Make sure to watch the tutorial

Enjoy a fully unlocked device

Once your order is activated, all it takes it’s a couple of minutes (even hours), you will receive an email confirming that your device has been removed from the blacklist. The best way to verify that your device is unlocked is to check online using the many tools available.

Enjoy a fully unlocked device
Enjoy a fully unlocked device

Does this method works on all devices?

Based entirely on the reviews and the service itself, it seems that the service works worldwide with all carriers and models existing on the market. As from our own research, we managed to verify this information with T-mobile iPhone, Metro pcs phone, Att iPhone, sprint iPhone and many others.

Is this a safe blacklist removal service?

Yes, we found this IMEI repair method to be highly trustworthy and safe based on several factors:

  • All information is encrypted
  • No need to enter extra information
  • Easy to use platform
  • All steps are guided and contain instructions.

If you have a bad esn, we fully recommend to use this service for your IMEI unblacklisting, this service worked on all devices we tried, best part is that it only took a few minutes for the ESN cleaning to be processed.

Unblacklist your device today

Enjoy a fully unlocked device
Enjoy a fully unlocked device

Now it’s your chance to remove the blacklist from your device, we hope this article was useful for you and helps your resolve this issue. Remember to read all instructions either by your carriers or the third party tool. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us and one team member will reach out to you.

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