10 Reasons to Buy a Mac

If you have never used one, you may wonder why a Mac is considered to be so superior to a PC. There are plenty of benefits to be gained by choosing a Mac over a PC and these 10 reasons to buy a Mac explain why, for many people, it is the better choice.

1. The Cost of Owning a Mac

The purchase price of a Mac is usually a little higher than you would pay for a similar type of desktop PC, but if after a few years you try trading in a Windows-operated PC or selling it, you will discover that it is so out-of-date that it is worth next to nothing. A Mac that you have been using for three years or more still has a trade-in value and can fetch a good price, because it will not have become outdated.

Choosing a computer because it has a lower purchase price does not give you the best value. In the long term the benefit of owning a Mac is obvious when it comes to value.

2. Simple OS Upgrading

Windows regularly brings out a complicated new version of its operating system, with a confusing name such as XP, 2000, Vista, CE etc. Apple has a much simpler approach to upgrading its OS and it is no big deal to install the latest version on a Mac.

3. Apple Software vs Microsoft

It is well known that when Microsoft introduces new software it does always get things right. There might not be any actual fault with it, but when you run Microsoft software on a PC or a Mac you soon discover that it interferes with what you are trying to do, which becomes very annoying.

When using a Word document you may want to insert a single bullet point, but the software always assumes that you are going to make a list of bullet points. It’s the same when using the number “1” at the start of a paragraph, which Microsoft identifies as being the beginning of a numbered list and when you go on to a new paragraph it automatically makes that the next number on a list. It takes time to keep fixing what Microsoft does automatically when it is not what you intended to do.

Apple software does not try to predict your every move in the way that Microsoft does.

4. Everything on a Mac is Apple

When you buy a Mac, you know that everything that comes with it is from Apple. This means that if you have a problem with anything on a Mac you know where to go to get it resolved. Apple is responsible for all of its own computer components, systems, peripherals and pre-installed software.

When a PC goes wrong, the fault could be with the software, peripherals, the driver or anything that has been pre-installed by the manufacturer. There is no single supplier to take responsibility for aproblem with the desktop computer you are usingwhen all the various parts have been produced by different companies.

5. Less Exposure to Viruses

One of the biggest challenges to using Microsoft on a PC is the vulnerability of your computer to viruses and other types of malware and spyware. This has never been a big problem for any Mac owner.

6. Backup from Time Machine or iCloud

Apple makes it easy to back up a hard drive with Time Machine. All you need to do on a Mac is turn this on for full back-up. Time Machine also makes it easy to recover deleted documents. On a Mac there is also the option of using iCloud for storage, which is useful for anyone who also uses an iPad or iPhone.

It is a sad fact that many people who use a PC fail to back up their hard drive or do not have the ability to recover anything that has accidently been deleted.

7. Mac can run Windows, Linux and other Desktop Software

You can use the Apple Boot Camp to install Windows on a Mac if you really want to use it as your OS. A Mac gives you the choice to run different third-party programs such as VirtualBox, VMWare and Parallels, so you always have a choice with a Mac.

8. A Mac is Stylish

Not the greatest reason to use one, but there is no denying that Apple designers know all about elegance, style and quality. PC manufacturers produce their own designs in a multitude of styles and using third-party components. This means that the market is flooded with copycat low-quality computers.

9. You Do Not Have to Be a Geek to Get Things Done

Apple makes products for people who prefer not having to change a whole lot of settings. Some PC users might enjoy fiddling with the intricacies and constantly adjusting their computer system, but the majority of Mac users appreciate that their user interface has been designed to get things done without needing to be a geek.

10. Shopping for a Mac is Easier

It is much easier to get the best deal when you decide to choose a Mac because you can be sure of getting a well built machine with a good reputation and there is no need to scroll through hundreds of different option.

The search to find exactly what you need from a computer is narrowed down when you decide to choose a Mac. All you need to do is to click on the one you want and it will come ready loaded with a whole lot of software, so it is not necessary to spend more money shopping for extras.

When you start looking for a PC to buy, you will be faced with a multitude of choices from all the manufacturers who are all offering different models with various screen sizes. You have to consider what all the different brands can offer and face many decisions concerning systems, speeds, software and any extras you need to pay for.

There will always be some geeks who are unhappy about the idea of having things made easy. They like having to make a whole lot of decisions about what type of computer they want, and enjoy choosing all the add-ons and extras they think they might need.

For people who prefer simplicity and quick decision-making there are plenty of good reasons to buy a Mac. It will keep its value for longer. It is easier to use, simpler to back up and there is less chance of a Mac being hit with a virus. Every part of a Mac is designed for or made by Apple, an organization that has a worldwide reputation for quality, simplicity and style.

Elliot V. King

Elliot V. King

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