How iCloud Activation Lock Prevents Thieves from Reselling iPhones


iCloud Activation Lock is the one that usually appears on the screens when a stolen and locked iOS device is being tried to be used by the thief even after installing numerous different sim-cards. This is perhaps the reason why the Apple lovers hate it. It is possible only if the iPhone or iPad has been locked using it and hence cannot be used or re-set by any other unfortunate user.

While your common thief may easily find a way to unlock a device which was activated with iCloud Lock, till this day there is no single way to unlock an iCloud locked device.

When thieves found out about iCloud Lock, the entire Apple community was expected to witness a serious iPhone theft fall.

There were a lot of expectations in the community when Apple announced Activation Lock as a part of iOS 7. Activation Lock was intended to address the never ending stream of lost and stolen devices which many phones/tablets were reported as missing or stolen.

Activation Lock is a feature which is available on all iOS devices running on iOS 7 and above version of iOS.

Thefts for iPhones are down in San Francisco, even though smash-and-grab thefts are up, according to an annual report released today.

Activation Lock, which can be activated through iCloud makes a stolen iPhone a useless for good. So called Unlocking Services are a fraud shot and will not unlock your device.

The only way that a crook can use your iPhone or iPad is to reset it and set it up but he’ll be stuck at the setup screen. Being the original owner, you can go to your iCloud account and get your phone lock activated again.

The concept of the activation lock has seen an upsurge in the share of thefts and phones being recovered by the police.

Elliot V. King

Elliot V. King

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