How to Fix Error Connecting Apple ID, Verification Failed


If you are trying to log in to Apple Store or iTunes and you are getting an error message that your verification failed then there is a fairly simple solution for this.

Here are some quick tips fix the error:

  • Start by checking the Apple System Status to ensure their servers aren’t experiencing any problems
  • Ensure you are connected to Wi-Fi
  • Try using a different Wi-Fi
  • Set your time and date automatically
  • A restart of force restart your device
  • For all your apple services, use one Apple ID. Alternatively, you can toggle off any services that use a different Apple ID e.g. Game Center, Messages App and Face Time
  • Turn off any advertising or content blockers
  • Disable any VPN temporarily
  • Try logging out of your Apple ID & then log in back again

Why do you get this verification error?

Resolving the Verification Failed Error is easy
This error message states “Verification Failed” and “There was an error connecting to the Apple ID server”

It is common for users to experience this verification error from time to time when trying to connect to iTunes and Apple Store. When you get this error, it means that your device is not allowing you to connect to Apple’s iCloud verification servers. This occurs after a restore or an iOS update and they are not related to your Apple ID in any way. How are you supposed to fix the problem on your own?

Visit Apple’s Site to check the status of their system

Before you start troubleshooting the problem, you should visit Apple’s site to ensure their systems are running fine. Apple servers may go down due to problems or maintenance thus making it hard for you to access the iTunes or Apple Store. You just need to visit Apple System Status for your home country or region and check the current status of the systems. In case there are services listed with a yellow yield sign, there are several issues with the server and Apple technicians are trying to resolve them. To learn more about these problems, press the plus sign (+) or press on the service. Remember, if the problem is with the servers, there’s nothing you can do but wait.

What steps should you follow to correct the verification failed error?

  • Ensure your Wi-Fi is turned ON. If the Wi-Fi is off, go to Settings and toggle it ON. However, if your Wi-Fi is already ON, you should toggle it OFF for about 30 seconds and then toggle it back ON. Make sure you are using the fastest Wi-Fi network available.
  • After an iOS update, Wi-Fi frequently disconnects. Hence, if you are using multiple Apple ID on your device, you should sign in using one Apple ID. Alternatively, you can sign out or toggle off other apps that use a different Apple ID including Messages App, Apple Store, Face Time, iCloud, iMessage, etc. because using multiple Apple IDs can lead to authentication problems.
  • For older iPhone models, this error can occur after an iOS upgrade. When you upgrade your system, for some reason the date and time settings change. Hence, ensure that you have set the date and time settings to automatic to sync. If the setting is already ON, toggle it OFF for some time and then back ON.
  • You can also try logging out and then back in of your Apple ID to determine if there is any problem. To do this, tap on the settings and then tap on your Apple ID. Choose iTunes and App Store and then choose to sign out. After a while, try signing back in. Then check if the error was fixed.
  • Restarting your iPhone is also another way of trying to fix the authentication error. Sometimes regular updates or internal error might cause errors thus restarting your device is a great move.
  • Content blockers or ad blockers interfere with Apple’s Terms of Service. Therefore, you can try disabling these ad blockers and see if you will fix the problem.
  • If you encounter an iDevice related problem and you cannot restart your device, force restart is one of the ways you can fix the problem. When a device fails to restart normally is an indication that there is an internal error. If your iPhone is older than iPhone 7, press the on/off button and the home button simultaneously for about 10 seconds or until you see an Apple logo on the screen. After the device restart, check if you have fixed the authentication problem.

In case any of the methods discussed above have not fixed the problem, you should either contact Apple Support or visit a local Apple Store to get help from an expert. Don’t worry because this is a common problem that numerous iPhone users face.

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