How You Can Transfer Money from Your Apple Pay Cash to Your Bank

Apple Pay Cash was introduced by Apple in late 2017 to make it easy for Apple users to send or receive money from friends and family. However, the money you receive on your Apple Pay Cash Card can only be accessed by transferring it to your connected/associated bank if you are not planning to send it to someone else. If you are looking to transfer your Apple Pay Cash funds to your bank, follow these steps:

Transferring Apple Pay Cash to your bank is easy to do

Things you have to do to Transfer Apple Pay Cash to your Bank Account

  1. On your Apple device, tap ‘Settings’ and then scroll down to tap ‘Wallet & Apple Pay’. You will see a Wallet and Apple Pay screen appear on the screen of your device.
  2. In the Cards section, choose ‘Apple Pay Cash’ and you will see all the information that’s associated with your Apple Pay Cash Card.
  3. Tap ‘Transfer to Bank’ option in your Balance section and you will see the bank that has been set up to receive the funds displayed at the center of the screen. You will also see the name of the bank and four digits (last digits of your A/C). If you don’t have a bank already set up, you will have to start by setting one up. At the center of the screen, you will see a blue button labeled Add Bank Account. You don’t have to worry about the balance in your Apple Pay Cash Card because it will be displayed in your account to the right.
  4. Use the keypad on the lower part of the screen to enter the amount of money you want to transfer to your bank. As you enter the amount (in dollars), you will see you’re the balance of your Apple Pay Cash card change.
  5. Verify the amount you’ve entered is correct and then confirm your bank account details before you tap ‘Transfer’ (upper right corner of your screen). You will see a verification of the transfer popping from the bottom of the screen. To confirm and verify the transaction, you need to use the TouchID.
  6. To finalize the transaction, hold your finger against the home button to grant transfer approval. When the transfer is completed and verified, you will see a brief message on your screen and a big checkmark confirming that the funds you requested are being transferred to your bank account. Congratulations, you’ve just transferred money from your Apple Pay Cash card to your bank.
Matt Brauer

Matt Brauer

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