Customizing iPhone or iPad Control Center

Apple is now offering its users the ability to customize iPhone or iPad Control Centers. Although some of the applications cannot be removed, there are several applications that you can remove. There are also plenty of apps to add in order to improve functionality. The core applications that you cannot remove include adjusting screen brightness, Bluetooth, buttons to enable or disable Wi-Fi, Airplane Mode, Locking screen rotation and audio volume. However, you can remove the Timer, Flashlight, Camera shortcuts, and the calculator. While customizing your Control Center, you can configure the order in which the applications are displayed depending on your preference and use.

The Control Center can be a powerful tool to maximize your phone usage efficiency

Remove applications & functionality shortcuts from your iPhone or iPad Control Center

  1. On your iPhone or iPad home screen, open the Settings app. Next, scroll down to the third section and click the ‘Control Center’ button. A new screen will open in which you need to select the ‘Customize Controls’ option. The apps that are available in your Control Center will be found in the Include section. By default, they will include the Timer, Flashlight, Camera apps, and a Calculator.
  2. To the left of any icon you wish to remove, you will see a ‘-‘ icon. If you wish to remove any of the apps, tap the ‘Remove’ button to the right of each item (red) and the app will automatically be removed from the Include section and instantly added to the More Controls section.
  3. If there are apps that you want to add to the Include section, scroll the More Controls section. Then tap the ‘+’ icon to the right of each of the app you wish to add to your Control Center. When you tap the ‘+’ icon, the apps will be moved to the Include section instantly.
  4. After you’ve added all the apps you desire, you can go ahead and customize your Control Center. To rearrange the apps, just hold your finger against the ‘Move’ icon to the right of any app you wish to rearrange until the app’s borders turn dark. Then, move your finger (the app) to where you want it to appear and release.
  5. To see the changes you’ve made, swipe up from the bottom of your home screen to display the Control Center. You will see the changes take effect immediately.
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