Do you really need a 5G iPhone?

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5G has finally come to the iPhone and with the amazing speed the new technology delivers there also has been some battery life concerns. Now we’re asking ourselves: Does the average user really need a 5G iPhone?

To many, the idea of 5G on your phone is a gimmick – a great idea, sure, but for an already-existing network, not to mention one that is dependent on a data plan, the inclusion of such a product in smartphones at this point in time seems excessive. Why? Because most of us still use our phones for telephone calls and checking email!

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Sure, 5G will be wonderful for watching TV, updating social media, and playing games, but that’s all stuff the average user doesn’t need. We just want to call our family and friends! And we can’t even do that because 5G is not yet a widespread network and thus we still must rely on 4G. The next generation of the wireless network technology simply hasn’t been built out yet.

Reasons why 5G on iPhone is good:

This question should be better addressed to Apple and the other iPhone companies that are finally incorporating 5G support into their phones. Ask them why they think we, as iPhone users, actually need 5G on our phone. Then, you can consider the speed and the battery life of the new 5G iPhone and look at it from their perspective.

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Then, perhaps, you’ll come to realize why Apple has added 5G to the iPhone: The 5G “gimmick” is going to be the next step towards what the future of wireless technology is going to become and will bring increased efficiency, battery life, and speed.

So what are the benefits of adding 5G support on phones?

  1. To be able to do more high-speed internet browsing.
  2. Gaming will be faster, smoother, and preferable to playing on 4G.
  3. The possibility of updating information faster.

However, there are some issues currently with 5G that may make you rethink whether or not you need a 5G iPhone. Those issues are as follows:

  1. Of course, since it’s a new technology, there is the issue of price. 5G-enabled phones are expensive and, therefore, not accessible to many. Even though you have the option of getting a cheaper phone, it isn’t a phone that will work optimally with the new network.
  2. While 5G phones have faster communication technology, they also have smaller batteries. This means monitoring your battery life will be more of a chore: you’ll have to be extra careful not go over this limit.
  3. 5G will have a negative impact on your data plan. 5G is a high-speed network and this means you’ll lose data plan capacity faster than you would on a 4G phone, just by virtue of faster communication. So, if you’re on a budget, this will be an issue.
  4. Some people don’t have a 5G-ready iPhone. Just because your carrier has 5G service doesn’t mean you’re eligible to use it.
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