How to fix “iPhone refused the request” when restoring

by Elliot V. King

We have received a few requests in our Helpdesk about Issues with iTunes when restoring your iPhone. Some users have gotten the error – iTunes could not restore the iPhone “Joshs iPhone”, because the iPhone refused the request – which usually happens when the user tries to restore his iPhone using the ‘Restore from Backup’ function in iTunes. Heres our guide on how to fix this common error.

Backup and factory reset

Use iTunes to create the latest backup of your iPhone by connecting your iPhone to iTunes and checking the box backup to ‘This Computer’ and click ‘Back Up Now’. Now go to your iPhone:

Go to Settings >General >>Reset >>>Erase All Content and Settings >>>>Enter your Passcode and confirm

After your iPhone has been successfully restored try Restoring it from the Backup you tried in the first place and it should work.

iTunes is essential to get the most out of your iPhone

Update iOS

If the above method has not worked for you make sure you are running the latest version of iOS and try again.

Update iTunes

If updating iOS didn’t work for you or you are running the latest iOS version make sure your iTunes is up to date.

Update iPhone drivers

If you are running Windows make sure the iPhone drivers are up to date. Using outdated drives can cause the weirdest issues.

Try again using a Mac

If you are using a Windows computer try using a Mac to perform the restore. If you don’t have a Mac go to the nearest Apple store and ask someone to assist you with your issue or book a appointment online for an Apple technician to fix your issue.

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