How to Turn Off Siri Reading Messages

How to Turn Off Siri Reading Messages

Since its introduction in 2011, Siri has been nothing but a boon to iPhone consumers. The superior technology and implementation of AI have put Siri at the top of the list of virtual assistants.

Siri has won a technical Emmy award for Apple. Although immensely beneficial, advancement might also be a detriment. Listening to your message out loud is not pleasant. Or perhaps you’re in a crowded public location, and Siri begins to play the message audibly. 

How embarrassing that can be! We’ll show you how to turn off Siri reading messages for you. Let’s get started.

You can spend a few minutes turning off the notification settings to avoid such unpleasant occurrences.

How to Turn Off Siri Reading Messages on Air Pod

It gets annoying when you hear Siri start reading messages on your air pod while listening to music. To stop this from happening, you need to take some action and turn off the notification option on your phone. Let’s break down the steps to make them easier to follow. 

  • First, go to your phone’s settings.
  • If you scroll down a bit, you will see a red bell and a notification option side by side.
How to Turn Off Siri Reading Messages on Air Pod
  • Now tap on that option and get inside the option. 
  • There you will find the option “Siri”. If you check below that, there are two options available.
  • One is the “Announce Notification,” and the other one is the “Siri Suggestion.”
Announce Notification
  • Click on the “announce” notification, and you will see that it is already turned on. 
  • The announced notification says, “Have Siri read out notifications.” Siri will interrupt you and will listen after reading notifications……… Sensitive notifications or direct messages. “
  • Look below the option, and there are headphones written with a push-button beside them. 
Announce Notification
  • Now, turn off the push button beside the headphones, and it will stop sending messages on your phone.

How to Turn Off Siri Reading Message on Car

Suppose you are sitting in your car with some friends, and suddenly Siri starts reading your messages out loud. You will be not only annoyed but also get embarrassed if there is some message that you don’t want anyone to listen to.

We know how it feels, and before knowing how to set up the option, I faced this situation several times. 

Now let’s follow the steps to avoid having such an incident ever happening again. 

  • Similar to the previous solution, go to the settings first.
  • Tap on the notification button. 
How to Turn Off Siri Reading Message on Car
  • Now go to the car play option. 
  • You will see three options there. There are three of them: Announce new messages, Silence new messages, and remember the previous setting.
Announce new messages
  • By tapping on the top push button, you can now turn them off one by one or simply make them inactive.
  • If you do so, Siri will not play or read any messages in your car ever again. 
  • You can always activate the system by turning on the “announcement” button. 

How to Turn off Siri Reading Message for Particular Apps

You can also manipulate Siri to stop reading messages by denying some apps permission; you can choose which app you want to give access to and which one you don’t.

Let’s start the process now. 

  • Again, you need to enter the setting first.
  • Then go to the notification and click on “Announce notifications.”
  • Now scroll down, and you will see the list of your apps
How to Turn off Siri Reading Message for Particular Apps
  • While scrolling down the apps, you need to choose which apps you want to give access to Siri for announcing notifications for you. 
  • If there are some apps that you don’t want Siri to assist you with, then turn off the apps one by one, and this matter will not bother you until you turn them on again. 

What to Do If You Want to Stop All Types of Notification All Together

Your smart device is always on for your convenience. You can get any option you want just by tapping some options. 

If you want Siri to stop reading messages for all apps, just follow our instructions written below. 

  • Open the settings.
  • Go to the notification menu.
What to Do If You Want to Stop All Types of Notification All Together
  • Now you already know where the “announce” notification button is. 
  • Just turn off the “Announce Notification” option, and Siri will not announce or read any messages to you. 


Siri might annoy you sometimes by popping up messages in inappropriate places, but now you know how to turn off Siri reading messages. Following some simple steps can be a lifesaver, and you can enjoy a stress-free gathering or have some peace of mind while enjoying music.

Some iPhone users love to use Siri, and some completely ignore it. When you can have both options, why not use them?



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