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iMessage is an instant messaging service developed by Apple Inc. and it allows its users to communicate mostly through text messages and voice messages. This communication is normally made possible over mobile phone internet access, Wi-Fi or any other form of internet access to other macOS or iOS users. This, in turn, provides a great alternative to the standard SMS messaging that is used by most people on other platforms. It is also possible to contact friends and family who do not own Apple devices. This will, however, cost the usual mobile phone network operator’s fee for sending text messages. Group messaging is also possible with iMessage, and it also has the capability of providing you with delivery reports and read receipts which normally make it possible for you to know if your messages have been read or not.

Did You Know That You Can Also Access iMessage On Your PC?

iMessage for Windows 2

Not everyone out there owns an Apple device. Therefore, this doesn’t mean that they cannot get to enjoy what iMessage has to offer. That is why we have come up with a special way that will enable you to use iMessage even if you do not own an iPhone or iPad.

Allow me to introduce you to iMessage for PC. A lot of people do not believe that you can access iMessage on a non-apple device. Well, as they say, everything is possible. You can now use iMessage on your computer without having the need to use or buy any other special equipment. Even people who own Apple devices can still use iMessage on their PCs. This is due to the fact that some people prefer doing everything on their computers when working; including receiving and sending text messages. It makes you save a lot of time that would be used in switching devices every time a message comes in; hence causing you to lose concentration on what you are doing.

iMessage for Windows

Requirements For Installing iMessage On Your PC

The good thing about using iMessage for windows is that you will not be required to buy a special PC for it to work. Basically, any computer running on Windows 7, 8, or even 10 is capable of accommodating iMessage. You will also need a reliable internet connection that will ensure your receive end send messages instantly. Therefore, you do not have to worry if your PC is old because this software has been made simple enough to be able to work almost on all PCs.

Approved by many people on Reddit

This software is fast gaining popularity among many users. A lot of people previously doubted if using iMessage on a PC was actually possible and if it could perform well as it does on Apple devices. So, many of them went on Reddit to try and find out if there are other people who use it and what their experiences are like. A look at the responses from users of this software will show you how good and easy it is to use iMessage on your computer. Most users had to switch from using iMessage on their Apple devices to using it on their PCs due to the fact that it made life more easier and also saved them a lot of time especially when they are working. Also, people who do not have apple devices found it to be the most reliable way to communicate with their friends and families who own these devices.

A Great Alternative To Facebook Messenger And Telegram

Facebook Messenger and Telegram might be popular among many people. What many of do not understand is that iMessage has more exciting and useful features that these two might not have. The UI for iMessage is simple and clear as compared to the other two, and there is also a plethora of stuff on the side of the textbox if you feel like using them.

A Quick Review of iMessage For PC

Downloading and installing iMessage on your computer can do you a lot of good, and it will also help you connect and communicate with your family and friends easily. First of all, if you do not own an Apple device, it will help you to communicate with other people who have these devices without feeling the pressure of having to buy one for yourself. You also have the freedom of creating group chats. This can help you connect easily with people you share something common with. It could be former colleagues, club members or even family members. If you are also in a group that you do not wish to be receiving constant alerts from, there is an option for muting group text alerts. You also have the option of bringing back the alerts if you wish to.

Communication with iMessage on your windows computer gets even more exciting with its ability to use stickers. These hundreds of stickers will help you in making your messages more expressive; hence making it easy for you to be understood by the people you are communicating with. Also to enable you to deliver your messages with different attractive effects, there is an option of using animations in your messages.

Completely Free To Install

You might be wondering how much it will cost you to get your hands on this magnificent software. Well, you need not to worry because we will offer it to you for free. Kindly note that this is the only website that offers this software for free. Do not be fooled by the spammers out there who are only out to lure you to visit dangerous websites that will harm your computer or even steal some of your data.

Download iMessage For PC For Free Now

As seen above, you do not have to risk messing up your computer by downloading iMessage from random websites that you do not know about. The download link is provided in this article and you can click on it in order to download and install iMessage on your PC. Remember that this is the safest website you can download it from, at absolutely no cost.

Installing iMessage for PC

1iMessage for PC

• After downloading iMessage installer from the link provided, right click on it and select “Run as administrator”.

3iMessage for PC

• From the Installer window, click on “Next” to continue.

4iMessage for PC

• You now have the option of selecting the components you want to install. Ensure that all the components are checked, and then click “Next”.

5iMessage for PC

• Optionally you can Select the folder you would like to save iMessage for Windows by clicking on “Browse” then selecting your desired location. Otherwise, Click “OK” to confirm, and then click “Next”.

6iMessage for PC

• You can now select any additional shortcuts that you might want. To make sure you access iMessage easily, ensure that both the provided options are checked. Click “Next”.

7iMessage for PC

• In this window, ensure that you are satisfied with the previous sections before continuing. If so, click on “Install”.

8iMessage for PC

• Wait for iMessage to install.

9iMessage for PC

• Upon successful installation, click on “Finish”.

iMessage for Windows 2

• You can now start enjoying iMessage on all your Windows powered devices

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