How to Download Final Cut Latest Version without Paying


Hey everyone! It’s Elliot back at it again coming to you live from Salt Lake city for another much requested topic from our readers. Many have asked me how they can get the full version of Final Cut for MacOS without having to pay anything.

Disclaimer: This is NOT a guide on how to download an illegal or cracked version of Final Cut and does not infringe on Apple’s copyright. This is merely a guide for smart people to avoid paying $299 retail. (Apple lawyers kindly read this article before sending bogus DMCA takedowns. Thank you)

Many Mac users have not just gotten a Mac because of the great experience of using MacOS, because of their build quality or because they look good – but rather because all creative software thats actually good runs on Mac OS. Now for some its music editing, others do things with photoshop, but if you’re reading this article its likely that you’re looking for the one and only Final Cut Pro!

Download Final Cut Pro 14.4.8 Full Version
Final Cut Pro’s User Interface

Final Cut Pro has been the go to for many video editors. Beginner, intermediates and Experts alike love Final Cut Pro for its flexibility, excellent hardware integration into mac’s making editing and playback smooth as well as for its amazing effects and fine tuning abilities.

Final Cut Costs $299 at the App Store

Now I figured you’re here because you don’t want to spend $299 at the App Store for Final Cut Pro. Your options are limited! You can either download a horrible, outdated, virus infested cracked version from some dark corner of the internet or hand over $299 of your hard earned cash to Apple 😞Yikes! I know right? Well, that was before we stepped in!

Download Final Cut Pro Free

Final Cut Pro Ebook
How to Download Final Cut Latest Version without Paying 8

Now you might think how did we do it? We’ve secured a special deal with a revolutionary new service where you can get access to many resources such as Movies, Books, Music, Apps etc. To encourage users to sign up they are offering a free legal copy of Final Cut. Yes, an actual LEGAL copy of final cut that you can get from the App Store. On top of that they are giving you a free ebook on how to become a Final Cut Expert. Sounds AMAZING right?

What do you have to do to get this? Simply Sign up to a Service that offers Ebooks, Apps etc and choose the Free Membership (Takes around 5 to 10 minutes tops)

Now to sum it up this is what you get for free:

  1. A Complete Beginners Guide on Final Cut Pro X (Originally $129)
  2. A Voucher for the Apple App Store Redeemable for a Full Legal copy of Final Cut Pro (Originally $299)

Here are the Steps to follow

Warning! Don’t even think about getting multiple codes and re-selling them. The sponsor carefully checks to only allow 1 Final Cut voucher per household – Don’t cheat or they will discontinue offering this amazing deal to our readers!

First: Click ‘Start Signup’ at the bottom of this tutorial (read all of this first) then enter your name and email address. This is needed so that the sponsor can see that we sent you and send over your voucher for Final Cut after approving your sign up

Second: Click the ‘Sign up’ button that leads you to the page of the sponsor. Create an account there using the same email as you used in the first form and click continue

Third: Confirm your Free Membership. As you can see this is Free ($0.00) and that is stated several times on the page. Simply fill out the form to complete signup for the free account and click continue

Fourth: Signup Complete! Go to your Library and download your ebook. Within 5 to 10 minutes you will receive an email with your voucher for Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro for Mac Free Download
This is the Voucher

Fifth: Go to the App Store and Redeem the Voucher. Enter the Voucher into the App Store on your Mac like this

We highly suggest you read the entire tutorial above before starting the signup

Redeeming your Voucher for Final Cut Pro

Fifth Step
First Click on your Apple ID user then click Redeem
Redeem Card 1
Enter the Code from the email you’ve received
Youve successfully redeemed your code
Congrats! You now own Final Cut Pro
You now own Final Cut
You can now find it in your downloads library and download or open it

Elliot V. King

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