iPhone locked to owner? How to unlock it Online

iPhone locked to owner? Apple’s iPhone has a lock feature that is designed to protect its users and prevent unauthorised access. Unfortunately, there are many occasions where this security measure can cause more problems than it solves: if the iPhone user doesn’t remember their password, for example. If your iPhone is locked to you and you cannot remember your password, please read on for instructions on how to unlock it!

What is iCloud Activation lock?

What is the activation lock?
What is activation lock?

iCloud Activation Lock is a security feature that was introduced by Apple in iOS 7. It is designed to protect iPhone users from getting personal information leaked in case it is stolen.

This features it’s simple to use as it is linked to your iCloud account and you can access it from another device (Windows computer or MacBook) as an example and get the device locked. Keep in mind the Apple device needs to be linked to the owner’s email address to activate the iCloud lock.

iPhone locked to owner?

iPhone locked to owner?
iPhone locked to owner?

If you have forgotten your iPhone’s password, don’t panic, there is a way to unlock it. On this article from MacCrunch, we will cover a new method to get the iCloud activation lock screen removed from your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, or iPod. We will explain step by step on how to get your phone back and running in a matter of minutes.

How to remove the activation lock screen

If you are unable to remember your old password, we have a great solution to remove the activation lock in under 10 minutes. This method does not require you to download certain type of software, purchase documentation or any other sort of technical steps.

How to get started?

To start the activation lock removal, you will need to access SafeUnlocks (Button below). Everything will be handled on their website from this point on. In order to make the process as smooth as possible, please read carefully the following instructions.

Fill out the information

Complete the form using the correct information, this will ensure the unlock of your device. Use an email address that you have access to as you will need to use later on the process.

Complete the form with your device information

How to get your IMEI number?

If you are on the lock screen of your iPhone, iPad, or iPod, turn off the screen and turn it on back again, then you will find an “i” button on the bottom right, click on it and a new window will show up. This window contains all the information of the device along with your IMEI number and Serial Number.

Confirm your order

Obtain a membership ID

You will now land on an order page, this is a unique page to remove the iCloud locked iPhone. You will need to quickly sign up for a $1 account to make sure the service it’s not being used commercially.

Enter your membership ID

Enter it and press on start order

After completing your registration, you will receive an email with a membership ID on it. Enter that ID on the form and click on the button to start your order. The ID is unique to your device and only will work once it is verified by the third party service.

Enter the log in details

Enter the same log in details sent to your email

Take the iCloud activation lock device and make sure it has cellular data or wi fi on it before you enter the apple id and password. This log in details will disable activation lock using a dummy apple id and grant access to the iOS device in under 5 minutes.

Finish the set up

iPhone locked to owner
That’s how you get rid of iPhone locked to owner

Complete the set up information until you get to the home screen, make sure to watch the full video or read the complete instructions as you will need to enter your own apple id. Keep in mind all previous owner information will be erased. After completing removing the iPhone activation lock, we recommend to reset the phone and enter your own apple id and password on it.

Relevant information about SafeUnlocks

Questions about activation lock
Do you have any question?

We have gathered some of the most common questions users have about this new online method. If you have any question feel free to reach us.

Does it work on an used iPhone?

Yes, SafeUnlocks works on any iOS versions and devices, regardless of the status or condition of the device. We encourage that the original owner uses this method as we do not condone any unlocking of stolen property.

Do I need any previous owner’s information?

No, all you need is to have the correct IMEI or Serial Number. This piece of device information can be easily obtained without any technical knowledge, you also use the apple support resources to get that information in under 5 minutes.

Can I use an Android device?

Yes, any operating system with a browser and internet connection will work for this method. No downloads are needed to use this method. We highly encourage users to use this method with a stable wifi or cellular data connection.

Can I unlock the device passcode?

No, the device passcode or screen lock is something different than the activation lock screen. luckily for you, SafeUnlocks also offer device passcode unlock in case you need it.

Is it a bypass activation lock method?

No, they only offer full unlock iPhone service that remove iPhone activation lock. You will get a temporary correct apple id that will activate all apple services on your device.

What if I found a lost iPhone?

Despite this method working on a found iPhone, we do not recommend using this tool as long as the rightful owner gave you permission to unlock it. The apple id password generated is not the previous owner information.

Does it work on other devices?

Yes, this online tool also works on iPod Touch, iPad, Apple watch and iPhones. If you wish to unlock an Android device, we will link to a tool also offered by SafeUnlocks where you can do it.

Will I be able to use my guarantee?

Yes, this does not affect any guarantees or warranties you may have on your device. The service is completed by a third party, not by our team. We highly recommend this tool as it does not affect with any apple services even if iPhone locked to owner was previously shown.

Enjoy your fully unlock device

We hope we helped you out

We hope this tutorial is useful in helping you unlock iPhone locked to owner. A complete guide with detailed steps will be available on SafeUnlocks website in the next few days, however we can assure our readers that this is a 100% safe and secure process without any risk of damage or bricking your iPhone.

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