Which iPhone Models are Waterproof? Here’s the List!

Most people have been asking themselves if iPhone 11 models, iPhone 8 and iPhone X, XS and XR are waterproof for the longest time. This article will help unravel this mystery. The latest iPhone 11 Pro released in 2019 has IP68 IEC standard 60529 and thus they have a water resistance of up to 4 meters. However, the 2018 model iPhones (XS and XS Max) have a water resistance of up to 2 meters. Both the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max has an IP68 rating which enables these iPhones to have a maximum water depth of 4 meters for a period of up to 30 minutes. It is important to note that iPhone models aren’t waterproof. Therefore, you cannot do water sports or swim with one.

Interested on which iPhone Models are Waterproof? Here’s the List

What is the difference between water resistance and waterproof?

  • The iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max are designed to be waterproof when submerged up to 4 meters/12 feet for 30 minutes or less because they’ve got a rating of IP68.
  • For the iPhone 11, XS and XS Max models, the maximum water depth is 2 meters for 30 minutes or less.
  • The iPhone XR, X, and 8 models have an IP67 rating under the IEC standard 60529. Therefore, these devices have a maximum of 1 meter underwater for 30 minutes or less.

If you are keen when examining these tech specs, you will see a footnote that these models are water, splash and dust resistant although they were tested under controlled laboratory conditions. Therefore, the resistance of these devices can decrease due to normal wear and tear. The disclaimer also advises iPhone users not to charge a wet device and if they are looking to clean or dry the device, they should refer to the user’s guidelines. Finally, there is a disclaimer that the warranty does not cover liquid damage.

Is there a waterproof iPhone?

As of now, no iPhone model’s waterproof. Therefore, you cannot take your phone with you when swimming, surfing or engaging in other water activities. However, Apple Watch (Series 2 and above) is the only Apple device that’s water-resistant and waterproof.

How is the iPhone 11 or X series water-resistant?

Although the iPhone models 11, XR, X, 8 and XS are not entirely waterproof, they cannot get damaged by a water splash. Also, if you accidentally splash some beer on your iPhone or drop it in a sink or a toilet, there is a high chance that your device will not be damaged. However, Apple does not guarantee that your iDevice will be ok. If submerged in water or any other liquid. Consequently, Apple your iPhone’s warranty does not cover liquid damage. Hence, don’t take chances with your iPhone when near water or other liquids.

Liquid Contact Indicators (LCI)

The Liquid Contact Indicator (LCI) is located on the side of your iPhone and if your iPhone is damaged by water it is easy to tell because the LCI turns red. If the LCI is silver or white, your iPhone is ok. In case you take your water damaged iPhone to an Apple Tech and they see the red LCI, they cannot repair or replace your iPhone under your active warranty. As per the disclaimer, the Apple warranty does not cover water damage.

Do you want to take your iPhone to the beach or pool?

For you to take your iPhone to the pool or beach, you need a waterproof (and a sand-proof) case or pouch. Luckily, the iPhone X series has a waterproof pouch. Remember, you need to check reviews from other iPhone users to make sure the products are reliable and of high quality.

Can my iPhone get wet?

Yes, your iPhone can get wet when dropped in a water pool, sink or toilet. Your iDevice can only handle some water or liquid for a limited amount of time.

What should I do when my iPhone gets wet?

Instead of turning off your device, use a dry cloth to wipe it clean and dry. Microfiber cloths are the best. If you use materials that tend to fall apart when wet e.g. Kleenex, use extra caution to avoid leaving pieces of the materials in your phone’s open ports or seams. Finally, wait for some time for your iPhone to dry before turning it off/on or charging it.

is the Apple watch waterproof?

The Apple watch series 5-3 is water-resistant and you can use it underwater up to 50 meters because it has an ISO standard of 22810:2010. Therefore, an Apple watch is recommended for use in shallow-water activities like swimming in an ocean or a pool. However, the Apple watch series 5/4/3 cannot be used for waterskiing or scuba diving.

What does IP67 and 68 ratings mean on an iPhone?

The 6 stands for dust resistance while the 7/8 represents water resistance properties according to IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission). The 8 rating specifies the device is protected from water immersion to a depth of more than 1 meter for 30 minutes while the 7 rating ensures that the device is protected from water immersion to a depth of up to 1 meter for 30 minutes.

Samsung has hydrophobic coatings making Samsung galaxy both waterproof and water-resistant. Although Samsung phones are not entirely waterproof, they are a little more waterproof when compared to iPhones. 

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