How to get Office 365 Free on Windows and Mac

by Elliot V. King

Have you got a new PC without Office or just urgently need to get some done work on a Word or PowerPoint document? Until today your only solution was to head to the store and pay a pretty penny for a Office subscription that lasts you 1 year tops. Well you can consider yourselves lucky for having stumbled upon this article because MacCrunch is celebrating hitting almost 200.000 subscribers and to hit our goal even sooner we want to make even more people happy by giving out Lifetime Office 365 copies to anyone who is following us on YouTube.

Before you start

Ensure you are subscribed to us on YouTube. Only thanks to you awesome subscribers are we able to give away so many awesome things for free. So before you get your free copy of Office 365 paid by us please do us a small favor and SUBSCRIBE:

Get Office 365 Free

To get started use the button below to open the page.

Simply enter your name and email address into the field to reserve your copy

You will then land on the download page for the login text file. Quickly sign up for the download page (there is a tutorial there it takes around 2 minutes) and once you’ve finished signing up you will get a confirmation code.

After Signing up you will go to your downloads library and click on the “Office Login.txt” file and open it.

In it you will find any necessary information to sign into office

Now take this information and head to and enter it into the login screen. You can also select to change the default password of your account if you desire.

After signing in go to the top right corner and select “Install Office” and then “Office 365 Apps”

Simply open the file that starts downloading from the Office Portal and wait till its installed.

After Office 365 Apps have been installed on your system you can find them in your Start Menu on Windows or Launchpad if you are on Mac OS

Simply launch any of the Apps and you will be asked to log in for a last time to activate your copy of Office

Simply login with your info once again and accept the license agreement

Congratulations! You now own Office 365 for Life and can use it for anything you’d like

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