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Your old Apple TV is OBSOLETE!

With the Apple TV 4G offering of 32 or 64 GB storage and a Siri Remote, the 2nd Generation Apple TV is officially considered obsolete just about everywhere except California and the country of Turkey. Service providers anywhere else are unable to order replacement parts and all hardware service has been discontinued with no exceptions.

There is, generally speaking, a 7 year period from the time of being discontinued until the time it is considered obsolete by Apple. Having just been discontinued in March of 2012, this 2nd Generation Apple TV could still be listed as “vintage” for two more years, but Apple does have the right to discontinue support for products considered to be obsolete at any point in time. The 2nd Generation Apple TV with A4 processor was introduced in September 2010. It came with a modified iOS 4 platform, and also removed it internal storage to suit streaming video needs. The 3rd Generation Apple TV replaced this in March 2012, and has an A5 processor, while doubling the memory and adding 1080p HD output. After a minor change to the 3rd Generation unit in January 2013, it was eventually discontinued in October of 2016.

Currently, Apple has the Apple TV 4G version. This has either 32 or 64 GB of on-board flash storage, and the Siri Remote. Rumors swirl that a fifth-generation version with 4K video support may be coming next. has the complete list of vintage and obsolete products.

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