Apple’s Spring Loaded Event: Excitement for new product lines ahead


Apple’s 2020 has been a quiet one. With the company not holding any new product announcements, it seems like they are taking a break from advancing their latest technology to focus on innovation for 2020 and beyond. That all changes this year as Apple gears up to offer us more than we imagined with its newest products.

We haven’t heard anything from Apple in a long time, or maybe ever. However, we did get some information recently that caught our attention: the company will begin dominating and staying on top with its Spring 2021 event.

What can we expect from the Spring 2021 Event?

Most definitely a new iPad Pro Generation. Here are the top features of the new iPad Pro thats being announced on the Spring 2021 event.

The Performance Upgrades on the iPad Pro

Apple is expected to announce new products in the next month or so. One thing that will likely be announced include an upgrade in the processor department. This will likely come either in the form of the A14X or A14Z, while providing some performance improvements over last year’s A12Z Bionic. It has been rumored that this

Despite several rumors, it seems that the new and improved iPad Pro will only be coming to the 12.9 inch model with Apple’s current LCD panel in tow. Thanks to a mini-LED display, the iPad’s screen would offer richer colors and deeper blacks. The mini-LED panel would also be much more power-efficient than current LCD displays.

A New Display for the iPad Pro

This is a high-quality update that would really boost the current iPad’s display quality and performance. You’d be able to get better contrast, richer colors, deeper blacks…all for a smaller power requirement. The only downside is this new screen tech would only arrive in the larger 12.9-inch iPad Pro refresh – no information on when it

Possibly a New Apple Pencil?

Apple unveiled a new iPad Pro concept, which indicated that the next iteration of the device will look much more like other recent iterations than it looked just two years ago. The company also made a commitment to release new features and hardware on an accelerated schedule for 2020.

A New AirPods Generation

The AirPods have been without permanent upgrades for more than a year now, but new rumors are swirling that their next release is going to be an upgrade.

Apple has remained quiet about its plans for the AirPods ever since launching their AirPods 2. This could be because these earbuds aren’t all that necessary now, and Apple might be taking a different approach with the upcoming release of the AirPods 3.

With Apple’s new AirPods 2 set to launch this year, the problem is that many people are still relying on Big Name Headphones such as Bose QuietComfort 35 II.

The recently announced AirPods 3 will likely sport an improved design, but it is unclear as to whether or not they will include an active noise cancellation feature. This may help keep the price down in comparison to the 2nd generation of AirPods, costing around $199 (the same as the current cost).

A New iPad Mini Generation

Though the iPad Mini was updated in March of 2019, they are one of only two remaining devices that has a thick bezel and home button on their designs.

a new iPad Mini is on the way, with rumors suggesting that it could be called the “iPad Mini Pro” and would sport an 8.4-inch display while matching the design of other products from Apple like the current iPad Pro and iPad Air.

But recent leaks have proven those rumors to be false, as a dummy of an iPad mini and iPad Pro featured thick bezels and Home button. So there is definitely an update coming in the near future.

A New Introduction: AirTags

There has been a lot of hype surrounding the possible release of AirTags. The company’s interactions with technology have been reported to be in preparation for the release, which many believe is imminent because iOS references it and code is already included in Apple devices.

The recent announcement made by Apple for the newly launched “Find My” devices could mean that Apple’s Airtags project is dead in the water. However, this comes as a relief to many who saw this device as a threat to their personal privacy and safety given how costly the product would have been.

A New Apple TV Generation

Since September 2018, Apple has been tight-lipped about the release of its next line of products. The silence is broken thanks to a recent interview with Tim Cook in which he commented on the company’s future plans.

The last time we heard anything substantial from our favorite team at Apple was the announcement of a new Apple TV set to release as soon as 2021.

Another update could be in store for this popular gaming device after multiple reports have started circulating that suggest it’ll feature an updated processor and become a true gaming console then, compared to what it

Apple has been relatively quiet about its future plans. But, in preparation for 2021, it would not be surprising to see an updated Apple TV feature a HomeKit base station and redesigned remote with the new Apple U1 chip.

Possibly a new iMac and other Mac Updates?

Apple is gearing up for another big announcement at the April 20 event, but it’s unlikely that Mac users will see any major announcements. After all, in recent days iMac Pro inventory has been catching on shortages from retailers and then Apple confirmed to discontinue iMac Pros.

It’s been more than five months since Apple released any major news, but it seems that the company is gearing up for 2020 with a bang.

Apple has made a slew of announcements in recent months, but other than an interview from Tim Cook, it’s been radio silence. It appears that the company is going to kick off 2021 with a bang; however, there are some changes we can expect and what appears to be an overhaul of Apple’s Pro Display XDR.

Rumors are circulating that the MacBook line is about to kick off 2021, but they won’t be ready until later in the year. Apple is believed to have a new 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro coming soon with HDMI port, SD card slot, plenty of ports (see below for what those could entail), slower processor but improved battery

Apple ‘Spring Loaded’ Event Summary

Apple hasn’t been providing any latest product updates via its Newsroom in more than five months, but it seems to be gearing up for some serious fireworks next year.

Apple recently announced on their Newsroom that they are building a brand new Apple TV and update the 4K version of it. It also said that 30 more games would be available in 2020, part of its new game subscription service called Apple Arcade.

Apple has yet to announce much since their last major iPhone launch back in September, but it looks like the tech giant is going to be ready to take on the market with some new and exciting technology next week.

There is no solid info on any new Apple products until they are announced, but it’s been more than five months since the company released anything and it’s been radio silence.

Well, this event is muddled. Are we even going to bother showing up? Nothing is clear about what’s happening and no one really knows, but at a guess we think something has to do with iPad.

Apple has yet to announce much since their last major iPhone launch back in September, but it looks like the tech giant is going to be ready to take on the market with some new and exciting technology next week. There’s no solid info on any brand-new Apple products until they are announced at Wednesday’s event, but it’s been more than five months since the company released anything. It seems like this would have something to do with iPad? Well, we’re not sure what else could be coming that might make people go wild for a product show–but maybe there’ll be an update about Homepod or other accessories too? The only thing certain right now is nothing.

We don’t know what will happen exactly but the company is known for surprises.

Following the past five months of silence from Apple there has been a lot of speculation as to what could be coming up and it seems like we shall know in just one more day! It looks like our best bet so far would be something iPad related or Homepod-related because those are their most recent products released. Though that doesn’t mean they won’t release anything else at all, we can only speculate until then.

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