Apple Watch Screen Repairing Cost

Apple Watch Screen Repairing Cost

The frames of these watches are available in three different finishes, aluminum, stainless steel, and titanium.

Moreover, the surface screen of the watch is made of regular glass used on smartphones, and all of these regular screen glasses come at a hefty price while repairing, but how much does the apple watch screen repairing cost in the first place?

The flat rate to fix an apple screen start at around $299. However, the prices can significantly vary depending on the model and the intensity of the damage. And the repair cost can even go half the price of the actual apple watch.

Moreover, Apple doesn’t really replace cracked screen watches anymore. Instead, when you’re at an authorized shop, they will replace the entire watch and return you with a new one.

This replacement of the watch is Apple’s attempt at making the most use out of a damaged watch. Let’s keep reading to find more facts about the screen damage costing.

Demand for Apple Watches

The Apple Watch has been around for 8 years and has consistently been a favorite among its users. It is an all-in-one type of device that tracks all of your movements and even alerts you with the health activities like pulses, calories burned, and more.

Apple Watches

These smartwatches even come with a larger display and sit comfortably on the wrist. It even has two available sizes 40mm and 44mm. So, you can choose the one that suits you perfectly.

Apple Watches

Apple smartwatches come with a magnetic charger that connects to a USB type C cable and are packed with versatility.

Having the watch strapped to your wrist makes it easier than your phone. It enables you to check on your notifications and receive or decline calls. That’s not all; This watch also comes with Emergency SOS and high or low blood pressure alerts.

Screen Repair on Your Damaged Apple Watch

Apple Watch series comes with an aluminum frame, GPS, and Cellular can set you back at $529 for retail price. If you were to get your cracked or chipped screen repaired, it will easily set you back another $300 getting it fixed at a local shop.

Using AppleCare+

Using AppleCare+

But if you have an AppleCare+, you will be covered for accidental coverage from damage. This allows you to pay a $69 fee for the damage services only. This coverage allows you to save more than ⅓ of the expense it would cost to get it repaired at a local shop and more so if you were going to get it done from apple.

Local Screen Replacement

You can get your Apple Watch repaired almost everywhere. However, bear in mind, getting it repaired from elsewhere will make your watch ineligible for any other form of free-of-cost service at Apple.

Local Screen Replacement

Once you have had your watch fixed at your local shop at much cheaper rates, Apple will for sure grant you service, but in such cases, you are required to pay the full amount. Even if you have a warranty, you remain ineligible for it.

Repairing Expense at Apple and Local Stores

As annoying as it may be, getting a cracked screen repaired at Apple will cost you $299 at a flat rate. When you bought the device at $399, spending almost more than half the buying price doesn’t seem worth it. Instead, with the money, you may buy an entirely new watch.

However, if you were to get your watch replaced at Apple, you are guaranteed to get all of the authentic products with no hidden charge and no fake replacement parts. In fact, you will get your device replaced, and the damaged device will be used for spare parts.

Repairing Expense Locally

However, if you were to get your cracked screen replaced at a shop at your nearby shopping mall, it will cost you anywhere from around $120 to $220.

Getting replacements for your Apple devices sourced locally is very common and readily available at lower prices. This is because these replacement products are more likely to be fake products or replicas.

It is nearly impossible to receive the same original and high-end products you would get when getting servicing done at Apple. This explains why the replacement parts sourced locally are so cheap yet readily available and why these replacements don’t last long at all.

Is Apple Screen Protector Recommended?

Apple watch screen protectors are made of high-quality tempered glass and can easily deal with any wear and tear without affecting the screen of your Apple Watch.

So, even if you drop your watch, it’s not going to put that much of an impact on its screen.

Is Apple Screen Protector Recommended

Moreover, these Apple screen protectors aren’t expensive, and you can easily save a lot of your money as well.

Therefore, getting Apple screen protectors can indeed be a good investment for all Apple Watch users.

Why Do Apple Watch Screen Repairing Cost too Much?

It’s true Apple charges a lot for any Apple device repair. There are times when the charge can be half the price of the device you bought with. Moreover, Apple screen replacement can be pretty expensive since Apple doesn’t replace the screen.

Instead, they repair the entire watch. Whether you send them the watch for a cracked screen or even scratch, they’ll replace it with a brand new one.

Afterward, they dismantle your old Apple watch and take out all the necessary components and use them in refurbished watches. This is one of the significant reasons why Apple Watch repair can be so extensive.

Bottom Line

Even though these watches are rather expensive, it does not let Apple customers stop from purchasing the watch. There is no doubt Apple Watches are extremely versatile and helpful for people of any age. It serves both as a fashion accessory as well as a necessity.

However, it would’ve been much more appreciated if Apple watch screen repairing cost come down at an affordable price. Since the servicing price is almost equivalent to its buying price, it can be financially challenging for many people to even afford the authentic parts of Apple.

So, have you ever cracked the Apple Watch screen, and if so, what did you do? Let us know about it in the comment section.

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