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Sometimes people make their money by selling replicas of items that people pay lots of money for. These replicas may be well received by individuals who are looking to purchase the knock off because they want the looks without paying the big bucks. On the other hand, persons who want the authentic and not the fake items will not only feel betrayed but also cheated out of their hard-earned money. Since the iPhone 6 has been a great hit, the knock off salesperson are out there. Therefore, it is important for the unsuspecting victims to know what they should look for before making an additional investment.

This said, here are five key things that can assist an individual with placing a model when they see it.

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Apple is the biggest technology brand in the world

The price

How to put an iPhone 6 Replica? Some things sound to good to be true. This is often the case when a salesperson is offering an iPhone 6 at a deeply discounted price. Which means, before an individual thinks that they are getting a steal, they should make sure the steal is not on the other foot. For instance, one of the best ways to compare the price of this phone is to look at the range in prices, especially because the lowest price that a person can expect to pay for a brand new contract-free iPhone 6 is at least $649 for the 5.5″ version. It is also important to note that the least price that an individual will pay for an iPhone 6 Plus is $749, which is the price that is offered in the Apple store. Which means, if the seller is providing a price that’s lower than this, this is when the bells should start going off in your head. In specific, the sounds that say this is most likely one of the iPhone 6 replicas that everyone is talking about. So, for those who face this decision, it says buyer beware.

The overall design

When an individual is not making their purchase from an Apple Store or an authorized dealer of these types of phones, it is important for them to make sure that they are inspecting the iPhone6 for its authenticity. Since there are some distinct differences between the original and the fake versions, people will simply need to know what they are before making their purchase. One of the best ways to inspect this kind of product is to visit the Apple Stores so that the person will know exactly what the real phones look like. By looking at these phones in detail, it will make it much easier to identify the fakes and any other associated features. For instance, if the offer that’s made is via the Internet, the buyer can make sure that they are comparing apples to apples instead of apples to oranges based on the details that they viewed in the Apple Store or an authorized dealers store.

The operating system

One of the most visible signs of a replica iPhone 6 is the operating system. Because Apple phones are proprietary and not operating in an open source environment, these phones cannot be released with an iOS 8 installed on them. Instead, the operating system that the potential buyer will see is usually from an older version of Android. Other visible signs involve the actual performance of the phone since there should be a smooth and fast experience when in usage instead of lag or a big problem with the software loading efficiently when it is turned on.

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At its peak to date, the Apple Inc. was worth over 1 Trillion USD$

The TouchID feature

Another visible sign of a replica iPhone 6 can be found in the TouchID feature. Because this kind of ID cannot be created without Apple consent, this missing functionality means that the phone that you are considering is a fake. Most of the iPhone 6s fakes don’t have to work TouchID, so this is a factor on how to spot an iPhone 6 Replicas.

The packaging

Apple manufacturers always pay close attention to detail, even in the way that they package their phones. So, the box that the iPhone arrives in must meet the particular criterion to pass the test. In particular, the box should be made out of quality made materials that feel premium made. The accessories included in the iPhone 6 box are always over the top as well. Which means, the phone should come with a quick start guide, a phone charger, SIM card pin, headphones and the like. All of the iPhone 6 replicas I have seen come in boxes where the back isn’t printed but just a sticker printed with an inkjet in horrible quality. If the box looks fishy, then don’t buy it.

The Gut Feeling (bonus)

Lastly, if the iPhone you want to purchase stands against all the steps above but you still aren’t sure wether it is genuine there is but one thing to do: just listen to your gut feeling! If your gut tells you this isn’t a genuine iPhone model then there is probably some small detail you aren’t consciously aware of but that’s a sign that you are being given a bad deal. With Apple products being rather pricey it is better to wait for a restock from official resellers, then to take a gamble and possibly lose a lot of money.

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