How to Stop Annoying Push Notifications on your Computer


Are you being plagued by annoying push notifications? Like the ones shown below

Push Notifications
How to Stop Annoying Push Notifications on your Computer 5

This is a common problem for users who have been on questionable websites which forced them to enable notifications in order to access content. We’ve gotten tons of requests by readers of our blog to create a tutorial on how to stop push notifications on chrome

How do I stop Push Notifications?

PushBlocker Disables Push Notification
PushBlocker Easily Disables Malicious Push Notifications and removes malicious traces

Easy! In this article we feature a software for mac or pc thats completely free of charge that will help you put an end to annoying notifications. This app is called PushBlocker and is Freeware available exclusively here on

With PushBlocker you will not only stop receiving push messages but it will also remove all malicious files left behind by the tons of notifications that have been received by your computer.

Download PushBlocker Freeware

Stop Push Notifications Chrome
PushBlocker also Removes Malicious Files left by Rogue Notifications

PushBlocker is the most advanced Push Notification Spam Stopping Freeware available on the internet. With this Software you can remove all annoying notifications and files left behind by them with just a click of a button. Compared to other Software, only PushBlocker is able to:

  1. Detect Push Notification Spam and stop it in its tracks
  2. Remove Malicious Files left behind by Push Notifications
  3. Avoid new Notifications from being displayed
  4. Active Protection against further Infections of Push Notifications
  5. Able to do all of the above for Free
Download PushBlocker

You can download PushBlocker Freeware at the bottom of this article. Simply follow instructions for your download and open the app on your Windows PC or Mac

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