How to fix iMessage not syncing Across All Devices


Sync iPhone and iPad messages: When a user sends or receives a text message on the iPhone, it should also show on the Mac, watch, or any other Apple gadget. However, on some occasions, Apple Watches, iPhones, and other iDevices fail to sync messages. One is faced with difficulties of synchronizing messages across the Apple Devices. There are however ways that one can employ to fix these issues of iMessage not syncing through all gadgets, that is, iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. 

In a typical scenario, the iMessage must sync between all the gadgets that utilize the same Apple ID, including the iPad, iPhone, and Apple Watch. The text messages should pop up on each connected device. The conversations should also immediately synchronize.

iMessages should be a walk in the park.

The Messages and iMessages syncing should not be affected when a user updates the iOS, watch OS, or macOS. Though, life is not always straightforward. There is a possibility of some devices failing to sync following an update. iMessage contains unique features that allow a user to send a message to several Apple devices as long as you use the same Apple ID. When everything is running correctly, you will enjoy sending conversations across all your iDevices. You will only have a simple task of setting every Apple device iMessage account to a matching Apple ID. Nonetheless, some Apple users report that iMessage fails to sync across all gadgets. 

If you are faced with this problem, worry no more! Try these solutions until you resolve the issue.

How to fix iMessage not syncing Across All Devices

How to sync iPhone and iPad messages: The standard process is to open settings, then messages and turn iMessage ON, for iDevices. If you own a mac, you will have to open messages app, select messages, then preferences, accounts, and then choose iMessage in the Accounts list. Ensure that the Apple ID is allowed and that the checkbox is marked. You can also sort out the issue of iMessages not syncing by checking some settings. Confirm that the Apple Watch, Mac, and the iDevice are using a matching Apple ID. Also, check that the phone number is active on the iPhone. Another aspect to look at is whether the Mac is using your iPhone number that you want messages synced. Another beneficial aspect of fixing these issues is to allow Handoff on your gadgets. For iOS devices, open settings, then general, Handoff and put it ON. For the Apple Watch, open your paired iPhone and then open the Watch application.  Open My Watch, general, enable Handoff and toggle it ON. If using Mac, select Apple Menu, then system preferences, general and then turn ON the allow Handoff between your Mac and the iCloud gadgets.

Sync phone and iPad messages issues? Fix them now!

Sync iPhone and iPad messages – Handoff is an exceptional feature in Apple devices. It allows one to continue working on one gadget where you left off on the other device. However, it only works when a user logs in to iCloud using a matching Apple ID on all the Apple Gadgets and computers. Also, the gadgets Bluetooth must be turned ON. It must also be within the Bluetooth range. You should also confirm that your Apple device has an active cellular connection or Wi-Fi data connection.

Also, ensure that the iMessage is toggled ON in settings, Messages. Another factor to put into consideration is whether the iMessage is reactivated. It is essential to activate iMessage on all Apple devices and Mac computers using a similar Apple ID. If the iMessage is already enabled, open settings, messages and then turn off iMessage. From here, tap messages application to open, then log in again with your Apple ID to reactivate the iMessage. It might also be useful to update a setting. This fix helps to solve issues where the iPhone could not sync with other iDevices. Perform this simple task on every iOS device you own. Open settings, messages, then send & receive. This setting is contained on all iPhone devices by default. You should also ensure that you use the same email address across all your devices. If you had not added the email address to all devices, ensure that you add the email. Ensure that everything is set appropriately while in this setting. In this setting, confirm that your phone number is displayed as Grayed Out, it should also be checked. Sometimes, your iPhone number may get unchecked.

iPad/iPhone/iPod not updating? Fix them now!

The message application fails to connect to iMessage servers where a phone number is not ticked. Therefore, it is essential to turn it off and on to see whether the problem is solved.

The process allows the iMessage to reboot and reconnect to the iMessage servers. To do this, open Settings, then Messages, iMessage and turn OFF and ON several times. The actions enable your iPhone to go via the activation task again. In some cases, deleting iMessage threads solves these issues. Therefore, try removing your old message threads on all Apple gadgets and Macs to sync all iDevices with your Apple ID. The texts might be significant to you; thus, you may back up them first. Therefore, try deleting the text messages; however crucial they are to you as it might help your device to sync messages again.

Some reports suggest that changing email alternatives significantly helps. Go to settings, messages, and then Send & Receive.

Also, log out the Apple ID on all Apple devices and Macs.

Then, log in to the Mac first. Under you can be got for messages at, deactivate the iPhone number. Next, type your iPhone number manually in a new message and send. Look for your iPhone for that text message and send a reply to the message. At this juncture, activate your iPhone number on the Mac. Lastly, open settings, messages and then send & receive and log in using your Apple ID.


In some cases, delete messages syncing fails to work correctly. When a user deletes a message on the iPhone, it should also inevitably delete on the other connected devices.

This technique is an example of a typical syncing. Unluckily, Apple’s iMessage and Apple connected devices deletion do not sync on all gadgets. More so, deleting a text message on iDevices works locally, on the device where the deletion was performed. It is therefore essential to remove a message locally on each device that was synced.

It is the appropriate time that Apple updates their deletion syncing.

Deleting a message on each device is tiresome and unappealing.

Therefore, if you are annoyed about deleting the same thread of messages on every device, please raise the issue to Apple staff.

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