The Truth about Apples M1 Powered Laptops

Apple just announced its new lineup of MacBooks but many people are asking if Apples vague claims about the performance are as good as they claim?

There ya go: This is a real computer!

You can use it on your lap and on your desk. It weighs only 3 pounds! Can you believe it? That’s incredible! This laptop is now thinner than a pencil.

Apples new M1 chip is pretty amazing: It is faster and less power consuming than its predecessors. Apple says that every new MacBook features this. Now the M1 chip has an upgraded graphics processor and an array of processors. This is a real upgrade for MacBook but how much better does that mean? We were surprised to find out.

Apple doesn’t like to talk about technology: And instead talks about the experience. So while the new MacBook is convenient for people who live online, that’s it! And at the end of the day nothing has changed except for that.

Apple M1 Claims Look a Bit Fishy but users are still excited about the new MacBook Air, Pro and the new Mac Mini.

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Performance of ARM processors is increasing rapidly and can be expected to add several hours of battery life through power savings. ARM is set to launch a new processor that will only draw 0.1 watts! That’s incredible! This processor is already available and so they’re confident that they can truly follow through with this development.

Apple is ahead of the curve when it comes to the human computer interface. Of course if you have an iPad model or a MacBook Air or Pro model. And if you don’t have an iPad model or a MacBook Air or Pro model, you’re a step behind.

Elliot V. King

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