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Is your iPhone using too much data? We’ve all had the problem before! With Unlimited Data plans not being widely available,data usage still plays a big role in users life but how do we crack down on data wasters? Here’s how!

You’re probably already aware that apps can eat up a lot of data, especially if you use video chat or streaming services like Facebook, Instagram, and the like. The first thing you want to do is free up your cache and review your app settings to see what’s using the most data.

But, before you dive into the task of deleting apps outright, check the storage space. You might also want to delete old text messages and rebuild your message history. If you’re on the phone a lot in a given day, you might want to disable cellular data when you are roaming and only enable it while you are connected to Wi-Fi.

Apps are a big culprit

Another reason you might be using up all your cellular data may be the amount of apps that you have stored on your phone. A large group of apps is one reason your data could be slow, especially if you have a lot of apps open in the background. iPhone users have said that they have experienced this issue when they have many open apps, and they have even gone as far as to close the hundreds of apps they have on the device just to increase their mobile data speed.

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Sometimes it is just best to stay responsible with your data take up and use a little control with the things you use the most. Check what apps are taking the most data by looking at your Safari data. Go to your own mobile bill and there you will see all the usage. When you examine your data usage you can then realize where your extra usage is and reduce.

Always use Wi-Fi when available as it can be faster than your mobile data connection. Check what streaming services you are using and what your app use is, as the results can shock you.

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