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What makes Apple products so special? Apple has always put effort into detail and user experience. The first iPhone and iPod may have not looked like much, but they are considered by many as the most awesome device since the invention of the modern-era smartphone. The chances of a first time buyer to genuinely love the first generation iPhone is slim, but the second generation iPhone was a real genius of engineering. Apple changed the device functionality by including usability features such as controls to navigate through the device via touch. Consider for a moment that touch-screen smartphones were difficult to use given it required a stylus to operate due to the limited widescreen format and small size of display. Apple adapted to the challenges and resolved it with the introduction of a virtual keyboard, which provides the tactile output of typing on a physical hardware keyboard coupled with an audible click sound. This clever solution to the dreaded keyboard, coupled with the impressive inclusion of baseband Wi-Fi makes the second generation iPhone remarkable.

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Apple has earned patents on Multi-touch gestures, and Multi-Touch screen for large screens. The 11 patents Apple has are critically important to the success of the Apple product. Then, we have Apple’s market dominance in mobile phones. Because of Apple’s growing market share, many reports have recently shown that Apple cannot be crowded out.

The Success of the MacBook:

Nobody would have thought that in modern times, crowds of young graduates will be sitting in Starbucks, silently tapping away on their MacBook. The evolution of the iPhone and MacBook are more-or-less the same.

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The MacBook faced many stiff competition from the HP Pavilion dv-series laptops. The big attraction of the HP Pavilion dv series was that it was affordable but still running most of the high-performance software such as Matlab and Adobe Illustrator. The MacBook had two advantages over its competition. Firstly, the MacBook was powerful enough to run software with no perceivable lag. The second advantage of the MacBook was Apple’s track record of improving the user-experience. This was especially important at a time when Windows was still not running reliably. After using the MacBook for a while, the user discovers that the operating system is not one-up, but it’s one step ahead. The MacBook is a reliable workhorse that became a hit, at a fraction of the price of HP’s Pavilion dv. Apple’s Computers have a small footprint, and a large number of apps and features are available for Mac OS X. The MacBook can become a favorite work tool for most creative professionals. The MacBook runs Windows, too.

How the iPhone helped executives manage their work:

Apple introduced the iPhone and management style greatly changed. Instead of pushing a single work task to a to-do list, executives are now controlling communication and working with one person per task. Apple produced two phones, an iPhone and an iPod. The iPhone had the camera and maps. The iPod had the MP3 player with a touch-sensitive scroll wheel. Apple already had a successful design patent, that they decided to get an official record, and with that, they patented a scroll wheel shape. No one realized that Apple is going to change hands from CEO to CEO from Steve Jobs to Mr. Tim Cook. Companies are becoming decentralized with the ability to know what everyone is working on.

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The Apple Watch and how it helps people keep fit:

True to the Apple fashion, Apple Watch is not just a watch. It is a companion to help people lead a healthier lifestyle. All the Apple products are special because Apple focuses on a few key areas that set them apart from competitors. Every product is created and manufactured by a small team of people. Apple’s products do not use multi-plex assembly lines with hundreds of people working simultaneously. Instead, they have a small number of people in each area. As a result of these techniques, Apple has a very tight-knit team that works well together and loves to develop new and innovative new products

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Fitness related Apps on Apple Watch also go a long way in helping the users live a healthy life and not only count the calories but also helping them exercise. The Apple Watch is the ultimate fitness companion because it utilizes the existing GPS checking various metrics like, distance, pace, elevation, heart rate, pace, etc. The long term support for Apple Watch and its fitness level is very key.

The sudden success of Apple AirPods

Apple AirPods are not just stylish, good sounding and cool but they are also a status symbol for users wanting to show that “headphones are cool now”. Apple AirPods are available in three colours and very comfortable. The latest addition to Apple AirPods is that it uses a H1 chip for audio listening. The H1 chip gives it the wireless backup of 5 hours.

AirPods are worn by many young people today, as a true testament to their status and of them being the Future.

Apple has a strong R&D team in Cupertino, California, United States. Apple has earned many patents, many of which were used to innovate the AirPods and other audio research.

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