How to Resolve the iPhone Authentication Required Error


If you are reading this article, there is a high probability that you’ve encountered this problem when using your iPhone to browse. Normally, most iPhone users get a prompt that asks for the Apple ID credentials and that the password will be sent in the clear. This prompt asks for your credentials without having any encryptions and thus most Apple users are worried. If you were startled when you saw this prompt and you opted not to type in your credentials that was a wise decision to make. Nowadays, it is very important to counter check the sites and prompts that inquire personal details to avoid being hacked. However, if it went ahead and provided your personal details, you don’t have to be afraid because your log-in details have not been compromised.

This prompt has a title and a text inquiring your Apple ID credentials. It is very important to note that the title and the text of this prompt might differ depending on the device you are using. Here are some of the things you need to know:

What is the authentication required iOS warning?

This warning is neither enabled by an Apple nor by third-party servers displayed within the text of the warning. Instead, the prompt is enabled by your own local network (WIFI connection) that is not configured properly. Since the local network is not configured properly, it requests your log in details so that your iPhone can connect to the server for you to access the internet. Therefore, the username and passwords requested are the log-in details of the local network that your iPhone is connected to. This can be the log-in details of your home, work or any other network that your phone is connected to.

How should you handle the authentication required prompt

There is no reason for you to panic because your phone is neither being hacked nor have malware problems. If you experience this problem, here are some tips on how you can fix it:

Ignore the warning – you can start by cancelling this prompt to see what happens. If you are unable to access the internet or the problem persists, you will just have to provide the details required so that you can reconfigure your WIFI network.

Optionally Restart your iPhone – although this is a temporary way of fixing the problem, you can try restarting your device to see if the problem will be fixed. However, you may notice that the prompt will appear again when you try connecting to the same server.

If that doesn’t help you need to re-configure the router – since the router log -in details are not configured, reconfiguring the details is the best option. If you’ve never done it before, you can try searching through the internet for directions to know how to go about it. Remember, you can only reconfigure the details if you own the router/if it is in your home or if you possess administrator rights especially for public or work WIFI.

Lastly Avoid using the WIFI connection – if you are using a foreign network or the problem started when you tried connecting to a new WIFI network, you should consider using mobile data instead.

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