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If you want to install a new operating system on your PC, but don’t have an installation disc, don’t worry. All you need is Rufus for Mac OS, and you’ll be set for life! Luckily, you’ve come to the right place to download it. On our website, you’ll find the download button for Mac, as well as a few helpful pointers. But first, let’s clear some things up. 

What Is Rufus?

Rufus stands for Reliable USB Formatting Utility, with Source, and it was created by Akeo. It is a portable, open-source utility that has, so far, only been available for Windows. But the man behind Akeo has finally created Rufus for Mac, and it’s ready for download.

Rufus is one of the best (if not the best) applications to use when creating and formatting live USBs and bootable flash drives. And even though it’s small in size, it’s still incredibly fast and has a ton of applications.

How Rufus Came About

Pete Batard, a software developer, first released Rufus back in 2012 because he felt like HPUSBFW was just not cutting it anymore. It was slow, unreliable, and it barely had any features.

Pete also decided to make Rufus free and open-source. Since the first release back in 2012, more than 100 million people have downloaded it, which goes to show just how useful it is.

Benefits of a Rufus Download for Mac

For starters, one of the biggest benefits of Rufus is being able to keep a copy of an operating system on-deck. Not only is it convenient, but it also saves a ton of time. Having Rufus is also really useful for those who want to work on a PC that doesn’t even have an OS on it.

We also recommend using Rufus if you need a bootable USB, or when you want to tinker with a live version of an alternative OS. What’s more, it comes in handy for updating a motherboard’s firmware.

Rufus is also the prime choice if you want to flash firmware from DOS or BIOS. Basically, it is the perfect tool for everyone who wants to run a low-level utility that won’t slow down a PC. 

These are, of course, just a few of the biggest benefits because writing them all down would be nearly impossible. That’s why we suggest downloading Rufus and checking it out for yourself.

Why You Should Get the Rufus Download for Mac

Not to sound like a broken record, but there really isn’t another utility that’s as fast as Rufus. For example, it is twice as fast as the Windows 7 USB download tool or UNetbootin. Rufus also supports a total of 35 languages, including Chinese, Spanish, Arabic, and many others. 

Another reason we recommend downloading Rufus is that it doesn’t require any installation. Once the download is over, it will boot up, and there’s pretty much no more fiddling with it.

Currently, no other utility comes close to Rufus for Mac, and it’s constantly evolving and improving. So download it today, and start reaping the benefits of this application as soon as possible.

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Elliot V. King

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