This is Google Fi, Here’s how it works


Run by Google, Google Fi is a network of a mobile operator that enables phone services like data, calls and messaging by use of cellular network connections and Wi-Fi. Founded in April 2015, this virtual network system only supports mobile networks in the United States which include Sprint Corporation, U.S. Cellular, and T-Mobile. Project Fi is suitable for Apple phones and a few select Android devices.

It covers more than 170 countries in the world.

In its course of operation, it switches between networks according to its speed and the signal in the area. This enables phone calls to easily change from Wi-Fi to cellular network and back. When many networks are detected, Google Fi will switch you to their well-analyzed system that is sure to give you the perfect experience without setbacks in the specified area. This can be 2G, 4G LTE, and even 3G.

Google Fi supports all types of messages which include MMS, group texting and SMS. It also allows your phone to work as a Wi-Fi hotspot enabling users to connect to the internet. There is no extra charge when you use your phone as Wi-Fi hotspot. This is billed in your monthly usage. For phones that support Fi, you can make calls easily over Wi-Fi like you would using phone dialer.

Flat Rate Subscriptions

Services and data plans of Google Fi are available at a flat rate with monthly subscriptions which offers both unlimited calls and messages at the cost of $20 per month. You can also opt for customized data at an extra $10 for each gigabyte used above the typical plan. In the case of unused data, money is sent back to the subscriber. This plan is only available for people residing in the U.S.

For residents outside the United States who wish to use this operation, messaging service is free, while calls are charged at $0.20 per minute. Data is charged at $10 per gigabyte. There is no extra charge for data to users outside the US. A specialized sim card that supports data only can be used in the devices which should be well-matched with the network. A single user uses up to 9 sim cards if he or she has one account.

Group Memberships

The project also offers a Plan of a group where the subscribers who are referred to as managers can add people to their subscription at an additional $15 for each user. These other people are called members. The managers can view data usage of each member and can disable or pause a member’s usage temporarily. They can adjust monthly expenses and data notifications.

Easy overview of Data Usage

Upon its update, Group Plan has Group Repay which enables the Fi to easily calculate each individual’s data usage and bill share allowing secure payment. Upon usage of 6GB, you will be able to access free data for the remaining period of the month. This is called Bill protection, and it varies with the number of members in the case of a Group Plan.
One of the unique features of Google Fi is that if your phone supports Fi, you are in a position to be connected to the leading networks in the United States which are T-Mobile, Sprint and U.S. T-Mobile covers devices that don’t support FI.

You also will be automatically connected to free and open Wi-Fi that do not require passwords and check-ins. It uses a superior database to identify reliable networks. This is unlike other devices which do not automatically connect to open Wi-Fi unless you do it manually. During this connection, the user’s data is protected by sending it through a Virtual Private Network which prevents it from being viewed by others in the area.

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