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Deleting a Snapchat Story

How to delete a Snapchat story?: We have done something and moments later regretted doing it. We thought it would have been cool and it turns out to be anything but funny.

How to delete a Snapchat story?: Snapchat delete story

A person often cannot stop themselves from saying stupid things. It is not fun andand there is often immediate regret.

Gmail has introduced a feature that allows emails to be unsent. Too bad this did not work for every part of life.

Some Snapchat stories that we would like to delete.

There may be some help with this.

There are some things to know about a Snapchat and how people view these stories.

Even famous people get asked if they regret some of the things they have done. Some of these things can be used as a learning experience.

What is a Snapchat story?

In October 2013 Snapchat introduced stories to go with the snaps that are sent. This was a new way to send videos and has additional staying power to the regular snap.

ASnapchat story is a bunch of clips put together.

This allows it to be longer. When a person want toshowmore information a longer way is needed. .

Sending individual snaps can take a long time and the receive may not read them in the properway. Stories can last for 24 hours and will disappear after this time.

Some people will review thesnaps in descending order so they make sense.

A simple snap storyis great to interact with others.

Whensnaps snapsare made into a story go to the tab and click the buttont make it part of your profile.

Your friends and others can view it as many times as they want in that 24 hour time period.

How to Make a Story

Ifa person wants to make asnapstoryin Snapchat there are some tips on how to do so. It is similar to making regular snaps things can be switched up slightly in order to create a story.

Rememberthe story is going to need to put the pieces together in an exact order. They can be shared withof your connects.

If there is something that a persondoes not want someone to see it should be sent as a regular message.

To create a story:

Open the snapchat app and take a video or picture

A person can then edit the image.
Find the square with a plus sign and hit the feature to send this as a story!

A person may be asked iftheywant to publish thesnaps and thenhit yes.

Make sure it is showing up in your profile

How to Make a Visual Story

A viewercan watch videos as much astheywant for that one day period. A person can flip back and forth between pictures over and over.

There is nothing guaranteed as part of a story. Keep in mind the images can be taken some time apart.
Viewing a Snap story is similar to viewing regular snaps.

Go to the snapchat app and a person will see that the camera is turned on. Swipe to the left to open it.
This will show recent snaps and contacts.

You will see a header that says stories.

A person can scroll through this and click on the same of the person who’s story they want to read.

A person can begin to watch the snap story their friend has posted.


If a persondoes not want to see one of the snaps they can click the screen and it will go right to the next slide.

The total time of the snap story is in a dark circle at the top right while the bar going over it will state how much time is left until it moves onto the next slide.

Who Viewed a Deleted Story?

Snapchat is good for private communication but not everyone follows this. Snapchat has developed a way to know who is viewing your stories and if they took a screenshot of it.
This is helpful to keep track of who is looking at your stuff.

  1. Open the app and swipe to the left.
  2. Find your name and there will be information related to your story.

There will also see a purple eye with a number by it. This tell show many people viewed your story. If someone has taken a screenshot There will be a green arrow.

A person can see who viewed each snap. There is a grey list with their user name under the snaps.

They will also be able to see how long they viewed the snaps for.

How to Delete a snap story on Snapchat

Sincepeople know how to create a story they may want to delete them if they are having second thoughts.
A person can delete your own stories sothey will still need to wait for your friends’snap story automatically delete after 24 hours.

They can also delete a single picture or your entire story.

How to Delete Your Story

  • Open up the app to view your story
  • Click the name next to your posted pics andit will bring up the snaps
  • If a person want to delete a single snapthey can select it and delete it by taping on it
  • Click the x icon to delete it! This can done this for the rest of the snaps


If a person wants to save the snap before they delete it; click the down arrow and save it to the phone’s photos.

Can Friends View Deleted Stories?

They cannot if it was deleted immediately. Once they view the snap story they will no longer be able to see it a second time.
There are ways to make sure the snap story is not seen.

  1. Go through your Snapchat contacts and block friends thattheydo not want to see it. After 24 hoursthe programcan unblock them. Swipe their name and click on block.
  2. Delete your Snapchat account. Enter your user name and password to deactivate it.Then sign up for a new account.

Can I see who viewed my delete stories?

Oncea person has deleted a storythey cannot see who viewed it. Check to see who was looking at it before thesnapstoryis deleted.

This will help a person delete a snap story on Snapchat. Everyone posts things they should not and now they may be able to save everyone some embarrassment.


Hopefully this guide was found helpful. If so pleasepostit on Facebook and Twitter.

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